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can we chat?
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

did u read my case that i had with legal guru? if u did what do u recommend i do with this current case im going threw....? i mean if they would pull up the video from the stop shouldnt that be enuff evidence.... plus i have also located the guy that was driving which i didnt know that much when we were stopped cause we met on a job we were on.... he said hes willing to go to court with me to testify that the 3 bags of incense that were closed were his and not mine.... but the items there trying to plant on us well what happens there?

Yes, I did read your case you had with the other expert.

I believe that you have to challenge the search as being unlawful without a warrant and as part of that challenge you would have to file a motion for production of the dash cam to get that as evidence to support your contention and it will show what happened on the scene during the search. Furthermore, as you are being charged with constructive possession and it was not your car, the DA will never prove you knew that the 3 bags were present and that is what they need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt and if the real owner is going to testify you had no knowledge, your attorney or court appointed attorney should be able to get the DA to dismiss these charges after providing the DA that information and proof.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

do u happen to know a attorney that migth wana figth my case for me... ive already talked to the guy driving the vehicle he will go testify in court that the stuff was his (3) bags and the roach and the stuff that was planted there well we gotta get the video of that to fight that.... i am going all out becuase this experience has changed my life as we speak... ive become a whole different person... now im just scared of police everytime i see one becuase of how ive been crimilized now every cop that stops me thinks im a criminal cause of this and ive had to pass up job offers becuase of this... i work in the refineries and power plants, etc.... as a electrician.... but this has even made me scared of going to look for a job just for the reason that im scared of being screwed over again... i have kids, house,car,food payments and now im stuck to obamas unemployment instead of making my 40-50k a yr.... ive been having mental problems as well....

Legally, we are prohibited from making personal referrals, so all we can do is suggest the same sites used by other attorneys, or or

Most times you do better hiring a private attorney instead of relying on using a public defender which you are legally entitled to according to the law if you cannot afford a private attorney.

I understand you are scared, but you need to go to court and fight for your rights and you need to continue to live your life, as hard as that may sound (many people are arrested every day, but are not convicted and do continue to make a good living).
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

well the thing is that the procecuter tricked me into pleaing guilty... she said if i didnt that it was gonna be worse that i wasnt going to be able to win this case... and the day i showed up to court the other 2 guys didnt show up so i was all alone i had nobody to back me up especially the driver who was willing to testify that the stuff was his...

If you pled guilty, this is a different situation, since a guilty plea waives rights to any appeal. You would need an attorney even more to seek to vacate your plea based on ineffective assistance of counsel and prove that the plea was not a justified plea. These cases are never easy and you are going to need a private attorney in this type of case to get this plea vacated.
Law Educator, Esq. and 6 other Legal Specialists are ready to help you