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Hi... I have an ex (who is an attorney). He got a bogus email

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Hi... I have an ex (who is an attorney). He got a bogus email address and wrote an email to my boss, pretending to be a client of mine who was complaining about me. In the email he said "she is harassing my family and leaving inappropriate voice mail messages." There only was a first name listed and city. My boss replied to the email without a response, so it was dropped. However, the email was read by three vice-presidents of my company and I was called into the office to explain the email. I work on commission only so, with my boss giving me leads, so I don't know how this has affected my income, but it certainly has raised questions about me to my bosses.

I know my boyfriend did it because he wouldn't deny it... instead turned the subject to things he claims that I did to "hurt him." My questions are 1) how do I find proof that the email came from him and 2) what legal action can I take and 3) is there a code or law that he broke as an attorney? He is a big bully and I want to send him a message so he doesn't do this to anyone else.


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Do you believe that the email was sent from his computer, or from someone else's computer ?



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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I believe it was sent from his computer. He works for the State of Maryland, but I doubt that he would use his work computer.

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You asked the following questions,


"My questions are 1) how do I find proof that the email came from him and 2) what legal action can I take and 3) is there a code or law that he broke as an attorney?"

Answer 1


There is a way to trace an email's origin. It is very technical, but it can be done. If the email is from a home computer, you might not be able to narrow it down to that particular house, but it will bring you close enough. I have listed below four websites which give instructions on how to trace an email. You will be able to narrow it down substantially. If your ex had sent the email from work, and his workplace has a network, you would be able to not only narrow it down, but you would be able to pinpoint it.



Answer 2


If he made false statements in his email, you could sue him for libel and defamation of character. In defamation actions, the Plaintiff must prove the following four elements,


1. The Defendant made false and defamatory statements about you;


2. The Defendant made those statements, knowing they were false, or made in reckless disregard for the truth;


3. The Defendant "published" these statements - This means that they were made (written) to a third person (Your bosses);


4. You suffered damages to your name and reputation in the community;



Answer 3


Your ex's conduct was dishonest, malicious, calculated to harm your name and reputation, knowing that the statements he wrote in the email were false, and such conduct is unprofessional and should not be engaged in by an Attorney who is also an "Officer of the Court". You should report him to the Maryland Attorney Grievance Committee which is the Maryland Disciplinary Board. Here is their contact information,




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