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how can i prove what i was paied by my ex boss since i was

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how can i prove what i was paied by my ex boss since i was paid in cash. I have my bbf that i told her what my pay was when she saw my ex boss hand me money. now i am going after her (ex boss) for unpaid wages im in nj
Thank you for your question.

I would agree that with the lawyer you spoke with that this is going to be difficult for you to establish. What you told your friend about your income would not be admissible as evidence as it would be considered hearsay.

Did you report what you were being paid on your taxes? That would be the easiest way to prove your income. If you didn't do that, were you ever given any kind of documentation with your pay, such as receipts? If you don't have that, you can try to use bank statements to demonstrate that every period, you were depositiing a certain amount and paying bills. Surely money had to be coming from somewhere to enable you to pay your expenses regularly.

Absent any of these things, you can still report the unpaid wages, but would likely have little success in getting what you are owed, unfortunately.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

everything she did was shady.. the text messages prove i worked there and i have proof that many things she has said she has lied about. the mental abuse and harassment while working with her and after caused my doctor to put me on aural. my sister who has a mental illness also worked for her we were both overworked and under paid and my sister has a mental disorder. we lived and worked in the same place. this woman knew that we were in need for money and having the ability to have my sister live where i worked she saw as am opportunity to take advantage and abuse the situation

I was not suggesting you couldn't file a wage complaint - my apologies if I gave you that impression. However, I stand by my original answer that I think you are going to have difficulty proving your claim without documentation. If the issue is you were underpaid (for example, not paid for overtime), while the text messages prove you worked there, do they mention anything about pay, what you were supposed to be paid, the hours worked, overtime, etc? Merely proving you worked for this person isn't enough.

I understand what you are saying about the harassment - I don't know if you had another question about that as you didn't ask a question here. However, the harassment is also a separate issue as well. While I'm not saying it was right that you or your sibling were harassed or taken advantage of, that doesn't negate the fact that you still have to be able to demonstrate that you were not paid what you were supposed to, in order to have a chance at a successful claim.