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I was issued a summons in January 2013 stating that my car

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I was issued a summons in January 2013 stating that my car was parked illegally in Manhattan, NY on December 12, 2012 when in fact I was at work on Staten Island, NY. I did send documentation and letter from my school stating I was in school on that day. When I called 311, I was told that the ticketed car was a blue Honda pick up truck whereas I own a gray Honda sedan. The shocking thing was that the ticketed car and my car have the same license plate number.
After responding with a series of letters, I was still found guilty of the offense and told to pay $176.00. I was advised by a judge to pay the money and appeal. It's been close to three weeks now. Please advice.
Hello Jacustomer,

And did you file for an appeal with the NYC Department of Finance? (see link)
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes I did filed a late appeal with the NYC DOF on May 29, 2013. In my response I wrote " Your Honor Judge, please accept my claim late. This is not my car. I do not have a pick up truck. My car is a sedan. I am enclosing all supporting documents."

Hi Chris,

Unfortunately, you only have 30 days to file your notice of appeal. Even though your claim was politely worded, because of the sheer volume of claims they get, the City is pretty rigid about enforcing their timeliness requirements. The City cannot be compelled to accept a late appeal, but it is significant that you've received no notice that they've rejected your claim.

You may be able to take this further later on via an Article 78 depending upon what your determination turns out to be. About the only thing you can do at this juncture, however, is to call the Department of Finance and ask about the status of your appeal.

Sorry not to have much more than common sense for you, but if there's no determination yet, there's nothing else you can do at this time.
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