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Legalease, Lawyer
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I am going back to court again. She is using court to harass

Customer Question

I am going back to court again. She is using court to harass me. Its been going on for 12 years. I want to file a motion of harassment and for loss of work and all fees. Our son has his own attorney which I pay for. What would I call the motion that I need to file. What should I make sure is in the motion? Thanks

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Legalease replied 4 years ago.

Hello there


I would say that 9 times in court in less than 6 months is excessive also. If you are currently in a situation where you are headed back to court you can file an answer to her current charges and in the answer file a request with the court that she be restricted from bringing any cases in the courts for a year or two years -- if the judge finds that all of the court action that she has taken against you is excessive then the judge does have the power and discretion to put such an order in place. You can most likely use a standard motion form that you can pick up at the clerk;s office of the family court and complete it and file it with the court -- so when they hear her next issue the court will also hear your request to start limiting her access to the court.


Please let me know what further questions you have