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I am about to default on a boat loan. I will voluntarily surrender

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I am about to default on a boat loan. I will voluntarily surrender the boat. What recourse does the bank have? Can they attach my pay and/or my bank account? I bought boat in 2009 when making 120k, am now making 25k, have kept payments up for 2.5 years while unemployed/underemployed, but have exhausted all savings & 401. Am also looking at same situation for credit card. Credit rating is presently in the low 700's but own home outright and am in fair shape with vehicles, so taking credit hit may be ok.

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If you do a voluntary repossession the bank will auction off the boat. You then are responsible for the balance between what they get and you owe, plus interest of course.


if you do not pay that invoice, then the back will have to sue you to get judgment. The judgment becomes a lien that can attach you home and you wages,

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