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My regular company was unable to deliver propane to us until

Customer Question

My regular company was unable to deliver propane to us until following week. My husband was very afraid we would run out! I called a few companies and no one could help until following week! Against my better judgement I called Thurston propane! Thurston was a very reputable business in Naugatuck but it was sold over four years ago and they kept name but were not honest! In june 2010 we had them come to diagnose something and they said we had a hole in tank and needed a new tank! Our house was just built at time! They charged us over 600 and wanted more and we thought something shady was going on we called another company and there was no leak! We were out money:(
In against my better judgement told them they could deliver propane on may 31 2013! I asked for minimum amount as they were high etc. i was told they would come at a certain time and since i don't trust them told them i would be e here and give them check. As i would stand right by them making sure they were not hurting tank. They came earlier and i was not here! When i got here for time i did not even know they came! I waited ! I went to check mail and sure enough they came filled up 379 gallons! I wanted 150! I called and said they gave too much and take the rest! I was told this was amount i owed ! I said thy gave me ocer 200 gallons idid not want and at the least should give me lower proce for extra! They refused! I was leaving for nashville next day an did not come back until june 10! When ingot home they had come on my property and locked me tank! I again called and they said it was legal and they will not unlock it until i pay! It is my tank! I don't know what to do! I should of never wet back to them but we could not wait the week as it would of cost us more money if we ran out. Please help! Do i call poplice! Can someone else remove lock! Inonly wanted minumim amd i cannot wven talk to them teu are swearing:(
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Andrea, Esq. replied 4 years ago.

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I am sorry to hear of the trouble the company has given you. You can report the company for trespassing onto your property and for tampering with your tank by putting a lock on it. They might help you get the lock off, but will not get involved with anything else, saying that it is a civil matter. If the police do not help you remove the lock, you can do it yourself, or better yet, ask the company which regularly delivers your propane to help you remove it.


You can sue the company for damages in Small Claims Court. You can use a lawyer, if you prefer, but you do not need one in Small Claims Court.






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