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What are the laws about common law in Texas. My husband has

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What are the laws about common law in Texas. My husband has been living with his girlfriend on & off for the last 819 days. If he breaks it off with her does she have any legal recourse, part of his salary, etc? She owns her own home & has two children from her 1st marriage, now age 6 & 4. She can prove that he has been there, neighbors, etc.

JD 1992 :

Hi, thanks for asking for me. No, there is no recourse for anything since they weren't married. He can't be common law married to her if he is still married to you.

JD 1992 :

So that means this question really revolves around her right to live at that location. He has no right to live there any more once she tells him to leave since it is her house. However, if he refuses to leave she can evict him just as if he was renting the place from her. That requires giving notice, filing an eviction lawsuit, having him served, having a hearing, etc.

JD 1992 :

If he no longer wants to live there then he can just leave and all he would be responsible for is any bills that he has agreed to or incurred.


Thank you. I am trying to protect myself & my son's & my financial interests as my husband is a sex & love addict. Very sad.

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