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I have been sued by court attorney If I cannot pay fees to

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I have been sued by court attorney
If I cannot pay fees to court or damages
What can happen?

TexLawyer :

Good evening. I'll be assisting you with your question.

TexLawyer :

If you cannot repay the judgment with cash, the plaintiff (in this case your former attorney) can do several things.

TexLawyer :

First off, they can place liens on your property, so that when it is sold, their judgment is paid out of the equity.

TexLawyer :

Second, they can garnish your wages. This is a fairly simple process, especially for an attorney.

Customer: I have no Assests?
TexLawyer :

If you have no assets, then there wouldn't be anything to place a lien on.

TexLawyer :

If you don't have anything to seize, and you don't have any wages they could garnish, you are largely "judgment proof." Many judgments sit empty because the defendant does not have any money or assets to satisfy them.

Customer: Can they place me in jail? For not paying damages to federal court?
TexLawyer :

No, you cannot be jailed for failing to pay a judgment in a civil case.

Customer: The case is in bankruptcy court
TexLawyer :

Still, it is a civil proceeding. You can't be jailed for failing to pay (unless you lie to the court about something, especially something related to your assets).

Customer: If bk judge fines me for misconduct as a bk prepare petitioner
Customer: canpetitioner and cannot pay can I be jailed?
TexLawyer :


TexLawyer :

You cannot be jailed if you simply don't have the money.

Customer: Ok just a judgement placed against me and my credit report
TexLawyer :

Yes, but you can't be jailed.

Customer: Thanks
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