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What qualifies as psychological terror. I have a man - a very

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What qualifies as psychological terror. I have a man - a very powerful secret ex-lover - who knew i had intense trust issues and incredibly strong instincts to flea. He told me that he never wanted to tell me his last name because it was really important. It took a lot of phone calls, reinforcing clear passion and interest from him... it led to a really strong bond, but I utlimately was nervous. Flash forward to an incident so confusing that it led to a total emotional breakdown. Followed me discovering his name. followed by him doing really creepy offensive things that were clumsy and obvious, and suggested total shame of connection to me. it goes on and results with me feeling so indimidated that i locked myself in my apartment and just decided not to interact with anyone.

Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you this evening.

There is no such legal standard as 'psychological terror' but there is a concept of either intentional or negligent infliction of emotional distress. To qualify for intentional infliction of emotional distress you must show:
1. an act by defendant amount to extreme and outrageous conduct
2. with intent or with recklessness
3. causation and
4. damages, which must be severe emotional distress.

The more depraved the act, the less of a need to show extreme damages. An example of intentional infliction of emotional distress may be to tell someone that their child passed away, knowing that it is untrue, and having that person suffer a heart attack or a stroke because of it. I do not know if what you describe qualifies, however, since while his acts may confusing, hurtful, or inexplicable, they do not appear to intentionally attempt to cause you extreme harm, and they do not appear to be 'extreme and outrageous' from the perspective of a reasonable person, as that would be the standard that would be utilized.

Good luck.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK well what about him saying that he wants to be the main guide that allows me to emerge from my home. i say listen you don't have to. if you do jsut keep in mind that if you lie to me. or deceive me, i'm really not sure i can get through more confusion. i have severe ocd much of which was literally flamed by him because he planted an incorrect name in a hotel room, he said it was his name. i tried to matchit up. nothing matched on google. i said, please don't make me search for your name - who are you , why are you doing this? he dumped me. but then has also been really attentive at the same time - i figured out his name and he freaked out. he has been feeding me all infomration that will create endless ocd exercises that literally trigger terror in me after realizing that a man who insisted i trust him is making me lose my days and nights by knowing that i'm nervous and distrustful and knowing that incorrect infomraiton throws me off. i literally have had to halt my job - i cannot stop typing searching or writing. then he said -- write to this email account -- it will keep you company. i will never look at it. ... three weeks later -- i'm certain he's reading everything. why would a man do this? then i discover than some phone numbers are literally being reordered among his 10 companies. the whole time i getting more panicky and confused - who is he ? what's happening? am i bad? it's scary because he knows our relationship exists in a silo. i have no one reminding me to balance out my anxiety.


as of today he still refuses to directly admit any wrong doing!

Thank you for your follow-up, Jocelyn.

I am genuinely sorry that you are in such distress. However I do not quite see this as legal matter. There is no law that he must tell you his name, or tell you his true name. While normal people share such information, he had no duty to provide it. This looks to be a situation where you may want to speak to a relationship counselor or a psychologist to help you understand the situation in a manner that is acceptable to you. I also really cannot comment on your unique relationship because I was not a part of it and I am also only getting part of the story--yours. If you feel that this person is destructive to you, and it surely sounds like that is true, please consider breaking off whatever relationship you may have. But you cannot sue him over this, at least not successfully.

I am sorry.