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Hi, the same thing is happening to me at work. The person said

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Hi, the same thing is happening to me at work. The person said to me in front of other employees that if I was to put his name on that greavance form , that he was gonna denied everything that he said and after that it was going to be some problems between him and I. I'm very scared. I still put his name on the greavance form. Plus I went to civil rights filed a complaint. But I'm very stressed , can't sleep, can't eat, don't know what else to do.

Thank you for your question Please permit me to assist you. I am a licensed New Jersey professional and will do my best to try to help.

I am very sorry that you are so concerned. I am sorry to hear that you are in this situation. However it does look like you protected yourself as best you could. The employer, once informed of these potential issues, is bound to investigate. Furthermore that person cannot take action against you as an employer because it would be considered formal 'retaliation', something that is barred and forbidden to employers when their employees complain. You simply have to keep your union informed and let them know of the threats, request that they investigate and take your side, and potentially request that you now work separately from one another. This, hopefully, should be sufficient. Now, if you truly believe this person wants to physically harm you, consider also pursuing a restraining order so that this person cannot be located around you, which should minimize the ability for that person to threaten to harm you further.

Good luck.

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