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Chase bank refused to process a 25K wire transfer and accused

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Chase bank refused to process a 25K wire transfer
and accused my Fiancé of fraud, money
laundering, froze her account, and threatened
to report her to credit agencies.

I gave her the funds from my nonChase
savings. She is recovering from double
knee replacement and unnessarily closing her
account precludes her paying her
bills. This woman is honest and Chase
is being totally unreasonable. Thank

BizAttorney :

Good evening! I can help you out with your legal question tonight. I'm sorry to hear about your fiance's wire. Chase can refuse legally to work with anyone based upon any reason that is not protected constitutionally. So she is at the mercy of Chase unfortunately so long as they don't refuse her service because of her race, color, religion or sex.

BizAttorney :

She should transfer the money to another account with a new bank and pay the bills from that account.

BizAttorney :

Even if she were to sue Chase for discrimination, it would take longer than switching accounts.


Yes but they advised her that she might not

BizAttorney :

Might not what exactly?

BizAttorney :

Move her account?

BizAttorney :

Are you still there?

BizAttorney :

You typed that she might not, but I need clarification on what that means.

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It appeared you were having problems typing in a response so I switched the format to make it easier for you. I will see your response the next time I log on.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

BizAttorney: I tried to complete the sentence my I-Pad left hanging. What I was saying is that in their letter Chase implied that she would have a difficult time opening a new account anywhere because of them reducing her credit rating. Like you recommended she intends to open an account in another bank today to test the water.


My question for you is there a way to contact the Feds who exercise the regulations she got caught up in? I would like to enter into dialogue with the Feds in an attempt to right this unjustified wrong. Thank you again.

Yes you will actually be talking to the people at Chex system and not the Feds. Here is a brief article showing you some options:

While your situation is more about fraud, the same strategy applies.