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my husband is a truck driver, has a co-driver, he has been

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my husband is a truck driver, has a co-driver, he has been been harassed by a young girl claiming she is pregnant and he is the father, she has been calling, emailing and texting him about what he is going to do about it. He did text her back one day telling her that she must have the wrong number because it definitely is not him and if she believed that he was, that he wanted to meet somewhere on the weekend so that we could go together to meet her. I finally called the girl on my cellphone asking her to call me, which she did, I than asked her who she is and she told me her name by text, come to find out this is the daughter who is 12y/o of his co driver, because I also asked her if her dads name was XXXXXXX, if he was a truckdriver and if his wifes name is ***** ***** she responded yes to all 3 questions. So we came to the conclusion that his codriver and wife had put his 12 y/o daughter up to doing a scam like this, is there anything we can do to them because we do not know what they could be capable of next.

Thank you for the information and your question. Does your husband have any reason to believe this is anything more than just a prank/joke? Has he had a disagreement with this co-driver? Did this girl ask for a specific amount of money or anything? Has your husband just asked his co-driver why they did this?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
my husband asked work for a new co-driver and this codriver now that he wants to get rid of likes to pick fights, threathens to do things to wife after he hangs up from her due to constantly fighting, we know everybody fights, because we do but they go to the extreme over the phone.. They have many disagreements, he cannot handle that my husband is a better driver and that the employer knows it also and they show it towards my husband, he trys to match up.. We just had a confrontation with his wife which we recorded and she got very out of control, telling us that his daughter and her friend were just playing pranks over the phone calling random numbers saying things like that, but like he tried to tell her that it wasn't random, the codriver, we told her that we were going to pursue whatever we can. My husband got off the road Friday night & told the codriver that he would be getting the truck over the weekend & that is when they were going to be split up. Yesterday, he called my husband to find out if he had gotten the truck yet & he said yes and I guess he expected my husband to bring his stuff to his house, but we did clear his stuff out & had it at our house, he said very disgusting that he would be over to get it and my husband reminded him to bring the extra key, within 30 mins, he was here to get his stuff but said he forgot the key. We both had ill feelings after he left, so we drove down to where the truck was parked, which my husband also told him, so my husband hasn't hid nothing from him, they didn't go down there than but we still left early that night afraid that he was going to mess with the truck or whatever, we figured that he would go by the truck to want to check it out. At 10 pm he had called my husband and had asked him if he had gotten his run money, which was none of his business, but my husband talked nicely and answered all his questions. At midnight he again called my husband asking him what did he do with the truck, my husband responded that he is up in Gainesville where he had to deliver at at 7 am, which also upset him. I got a phone call from his codrivers wife wanting me to call her about the prank situation, I would not because I felt she proably would be telling me all kinds of stories about my husband, I had him call her while taping it. Is there anything we can do
Hello again and thank you for the additional information. Although I can certainly understand your frustration and unhappiness with this whole turn of events, it seems that this is a workplace interaction/personality issue that has just gotten blown out of proportion by the girl's calls. To be quite honest, although you could file a police report to complain about the calls from the girl, it is highly unlikely that the police will do anything with this other than to talk to the parents and tell them to keep better tabs on their child. There really isn't a crime unless you are threatened by someone that threatens imminent physical harm. If that occurred, then you would have a harassment claim.
At this point, it would be best if you and your husband avoid the calls from these people and if the other driver causes work-related problems, to inform his employer. Otherwise, if they continue to call you and they leave threatening messages, then you would have a potential harassment complaint to file with the police.
Please let me know if you need any clarification. I would be glad to assist you further if I can.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I have also when I talked to the child asked her to talk to her mother that this was a grownup matter, she hung up, about 4 hrs later is when the step mother called my cell phone to defend the childs actions and was laughing about it. I truly understand what your saying but I do not trust these people, they are the type to try to ruin someone elses life since there life isn't good, we are very concerned that he may do something to my husbands semi or job or that his wife may come to our house and do something when im not at home or sleeping, I work nights. I am really scared of the unknown
I understand your concern, and if your husband is worried that something is going to happen at work or is work-related, then he will have to speak to his employer about that. As far as your concerns about your safety, the truth is that unless they specifically threaten to hurt you, they have not done anything illegal. As I mentioned before you could call the police about the earlier calls from the girl, but to tell you the truth, with some people, that kind of action may ratchet things up more than they would have been if you just ignored them. Most of the time, the way to diffuse these things is to ignore completely. Of course, your husband has to do what he thinks is right about the work-related issue.
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