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Hello, I have New York State License. Very clean history.

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I have New York State License. Very clean history. I have an additional car. One of my friend wants the car for few weeks. The only question is she has learner permit. Should I Give the car to her? Or not and yes than what kind of precaution or paperwork should I have to do?
What is advisable?
Let me know.

Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you with your concerns.

If you end up giving your vehicle to this person, please be advised that as the owner of the vehicle, you become personally liable and responsible if this vehicle ends up being in an accident or ends up harming someone's personal property or causes personal injury. That liability cannot be waived by documentation since the law treats the owner of the vehicle (not the operator) as the primary party who would be liable for costs. The reason for this is because whomever uses your vehicle is considered to be an 'authorized user' and that means that they are essentially acting on your behalf when they drive the car. The fact your friend only has a learner's permit does not usually mean that she is experienced or able to sue the car, so that means that a potential accident or crash is more likely. I cannot tell you whether you should or should not give the other party your vehicle, all I can say is if you do, you are responsible for any damages or harm that vehicle does when in the hands of this person, and you cannot sign off or protect yourself from liability via any sort of documentation.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for you first advice. I have another question. Does she has to drive the vehicle in presence or with of actual license holder in New Jersey state? Because she has learner permit? And if she would catch by police without supervision of license holder than does it effect to my license ?
To answer directly please be aware that what I provide is not 'legal advice' but legal information. As I am not your attorney, I cannot directly advise you.

If she has a learner's permit, she must have someone in her vehicle who is over the age of 21 and is fully licensed by the state. If she operates the vehicle without a second party or after hours limited by the permit, her permit will be affected, not yours. She is the violator, not you.

Good luck and kindly do not forget to positively rate y answers as that is the only way I obtain credit for my work. Thank you.