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I dropped a prescription off for my mother in law at a pharmacy

Customer Question

I dropped a prescription off for my mother in law at a pharmacy for a narcotic and when I went back to pick it up, I wasn't arrested but recieved a citation for altering a prescription which is a class a misdemeanor 3rd degree in ky, where I live. My mother in law told me she altered it and wants to take responsibility for this crime. How should we go about getting charges against me dropped and getting her charged? I can't afford a lawyer. Thanks
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Chris T., JD replied 4 years ago.

TexLawyer :

Good evening. I'll be assisting you with your question.

JACUSTOMER-tx4dwjs8- : Ok thank you
TexLawyer :

Assuming the DA is ethical, the best thing you can do is schedule a meeting with him (or whatever assistant DA is handling the case). You and your mother in law should both attend and tell the DA your story.

JACUSTOMER-tx4dwjs8- : Do you have an answer?
TexLawyer :

Did you see my answer above?

JACUSTOMER-tx4dwjs8- : Can this be done before my arraignment on Wednesday June 12
TexLawyer :

This really should not be very complicated. Yes, you can do it before your arraignment. The DA can drop charges the same day you meet.

JACUSTOMER-tx4dwjs8- : Ok I will try that. Since this is her first offense what do u think her punishment will be?
TexLawyer :

Clearly, once the DA finds out what happened, he will not want to keep you charged since he won't be able to prove it at trial.

TexLawyer :

Likely probation, but that's ultimately up to a judge. However, I've seen many cases like this and first offenders almost always get probation.

JACUSTOMER-tx4dwjs8- : ok thank you
TexLawyer :

Glad to help.

TexLawyer :

Can I do anything else for you?

JACUSTOMER-tx4dwjs8- : No that's all thank you so much!
TexLawyer :

Glad to help.

TexLawyer :

If I can't do anything else for you, please remember to "rate" my answer. Good luck!

JACUSTOMER-tx4dwjs8- : ok and thanks!
TexLawyer :

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