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My husband and i were at a bar with friends when another woman

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My husband and i were at a bar with friends when another woman we know came in she was extremely intoxicated came over to our table laid her breast on the top of my husbands hand. He never groped her our touched her breast but now she has filed charges against him. The police were at our home last night to talk to us he was not arrested. Should I contact or retain an attorney to defend him against this woman?

TexLawyer : Good morning. I'll be assisting you with your question.
TexLawyer : What did the police say when they came out?
Customer: The police officer informed us that she was pressing charges and that was it
TexLawyer : Did he ask any questions?
Customer: hello sorry I was talking with customer service
Customer: Yes he asked what had happened and we explained what she had done
TexLawyer : Did he give any indication regarding whether or not he was going to file charges? Keep in mind, just because a person wants to press charges, that does not mean the person they say committed a crime will actually be charged.
Customer: the officer said he was not pressing any charges
Customer: he just told us that if we walked in the bar and either her or her boyfriend were there for us just to walk out
Customer: he also stated that he was going to inform them to stay away from us
TexLawyer : OK. In that case, there isn't anything else you need to do at this point. She made a frivolous report, the officer apparently saw that. He'll simply fill out a report and close his case and that will be that.
TexLawyer : I don't think hiring a lawyer will do much for you at this point.
Customer: well I am sure she was intoxicated when the officer was there but now my concern is that I wonder if I should file a restraing order against her as she has threatened to shoot me
TexLawyer : You likely do not have enough for a restraining order. To get a restraining order, you need some act or violence or threatened act of violence.
Customer: she pointed a gun at my girlfriend stomach and then told her she was coming here to blow me away
TexLawyer : OK. In that case, you should definitely get a restraining order and your friend should press charges.
TexLawyer : What state and county are you in?
Customer: Idaho, Clearwater County
TexLawyer : You need to go to the clerk of the superior court and ask for the forms to get a restraining order. You can do it yourself or you can hire a lawyer to help you with the process.
Customer: ok I will do that but I don't think my friend will press charges against her as she is afraid of her also
Customer: this woman is an off the charts alcoholic and is likely to do anything
TexLawyer : It certainly sounds like it. She needs to be on the police's radar, especially if she is pointing guns at people.
Customer: well we told the officer about the former incident and my friend was here when he arrived
TexLawyer : She should still file a separate report.
Customer: ok I will let her know
Customer: thank you so much you have eased my mind
TexLawyer : It certainly sounds like you need to take action against this person. The criminal charges will do the most to keep everyone safe.
TexLawyer : Glad I could help.
Customer: thank you
TexLawyer : My pleasure.
TexLawyer : Can I do anything else for you?
Customer: no I think everything will be fine now
TexLawyer : Great. If I've answered your question, please remember to "rate" my answer.
Customer: yes I certainly will
TexLawyer : Have a great day. And stay safe!
TexLawyer : Can I do anything else for you?
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