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Last week I filed a motion for an extension to reply to the

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Last week I filed a motion for an extension to reply to the fed district courts dismissal of my civil suit. I was confusing a notice of appeal and an appeal brief as one thing.
I think I used confusing wording:

"' order to complete research , write and improve on the brief plaintiff W hite is respectfully XXXXX XXXXX cout for a 10 day extension on the 30 day time limit to file an appeal . "
The district court judge granted me an extension to something:
" is hereby ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that Plaintiff's Motion 18 is GRANTED. Plaintiff may Appeal on or before June 17, 2013. Signed by Judge K. XXXXX XXXXX on 6/4/2013."

So being in doubt about my status as to an NOITCE of appeal, I used the notice of appeal form you linked for me, filled it out and submitted it June 6th. I wanted to be sure I didn't miss a notice of appeal 30 day deadline as I was not sure what the district judges extension applied to.
So is it now the appellate court that decides when I have to turn in my actual brief?
I think I now have 14 days after the date I turned in my notice to turn in the brief. Is that true?

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer. I would like to assist you with your question today.

You would have to review the docket to confirm to what "Motion 18" refers. Based on the language you have provided it seems to refer to the motion you mention.

Under RuleXXXXXcan extend the time in which you can file a notice of appeal.

That is what appears to have happened in your scenario.

You should review all of the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure if you are going to be filing your own appeal.

You can review them here.

Under Rule 10 you have 14 days to comply with Rule 10 which addresses the record on appeal.

You also need to file a docketing statement within 14 days under Rule 12.

Rule 31 requires you to file your brief within 40 days of the record being filed.

If transcripts are being prepared and need to be filed for the appeal, typically the brief is due 40 days after those are filed. If the appellate record consists of pleadings and items already available and prepared and on file then the brief will due 40 days after that record is filed under Rule 11 with the appellate court.

I hope that I have answered your question. Please let me know if you have more questions or need more information.

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