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I am an AustralXXXXX XXXXXving in Japan, the owner of a Japanese

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I am an AustralXXXXX XXXXXving in Japan, the owner of a Japanese Registered Company that provides Housing for the US 7th Fleet Navy Base in Yokosuka. A US enlisted member failed to pay rent for a 10 month period, owing an amount of around US $26,000. This person has been court martialed, pleaded guilty and found guilty along with other fraud crimes he committed which he also pleaded guilty. He is now serving time on stateside USA for his offences. Documents relating to his offences and his guilty plea have been sent to me. He is receiving a E1 salary with maybe about 4 or 5 months left to serve. I want to make a claim against his salary for unpaid due debt to me. please advise.
Layne Robertson [email protected]
Thank you for your question, Layne. Please allow me to attempt to assist you.

Do you by any chance know where he is located? By that I mean, is he back in the US, and if so, in what state is he currently incarcerated?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have the documents relating to his Court martial, I also have his home address and SSN, and I have dealt with the US Navy Base prosecutors on this so I can get his place of incarceration on monday my time to answer this. At the time he was found guilty and charged he was still in the brig in Japan, now he is in the USA, so i will need to get that place for you


Thank you for your follow-up.

Actually I personally will not need that information, but you will. The reason for that is since you obtained a judgment against him, the next step would be to find his new jurisdiction and contact the local courts there. Then you would need to retain local counsel and have the counselor 'domesticate' this judgment locally . That would then permit you to seek a wage garnishment, bank levy, or a judgment lien against the incarcerated party based on state law. The wage garnishment would be used to begin collecting on the funds that he owes you. This can only take place in the state where he is domiciled, which is why his location to you is so important. Each state has different collection laws, but this will finally allow you to pursue him for the funds including the costs for seeking collections and attorney fees.

Good luck.

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