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Hello. Im an active duty in the military & currently stationed

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Hello. I'm an active duty in the military & currently stationed overseas. My issue is regarding a close friend whose going through a messy divorce & now i am somewhat in the middle of it. The wife got a hold of a picture of myself & her husband (good friend of mine) from a social media & now she is using that to send multiple emails to my military leaderships around the world (Generals, Colonels, Base commanders etc.), to my FB friends & to my Fb & Government email as well. I want to file a harassment case against her; for all her FALSE accusation about her husband & myself. She is ruining my reputation by sending emails to random people i know & work with accusing me of ridiculous allegations. How can i make sure if she did it again that she will get in trouble. Please advise. Thank you!

TexLawyer :

Good evening. I'll be assisting you with your question.

TexLawyer :

If she's making false allegations about you and those allegations can be damaging to your career - and therefore your income - you can file a lawsuit against her for slander.

TexLawyer :

To make a slander case, you have to prove three basic things:

TexLawyer :

1) that a false statement was made

TexLawyer :

2) that the statement was "published" to a 3rd party. Keep in mind that does not mean "published" in terms of media, just that it was said to someone else.

TexLawyer :

3) that you suffered some kind of damage as a result.

Customer: I have all that 3 things.. I have print out copies of the ones she sent to my friends. I have been counseled my by leadership & gave me a NO contact order to my friend stationed in the states. This week se sent out an email attaching our pictures (friendly picture) to the Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force down to base commanders , ra
TexLawyer :

So, if she was sending a picture and claiming the picture was something that it was not (i.e., that you were engaged in some kind of inappropriate conduct, and you really weren't), and you can show that those false allegations somehow harmed you, you can initiate a lawsuit.

Customer: How do I begging that process? I have limited resources here & I have been looking for a lawyer somewhere in TX because that where she's from. Or do I need to file through my state of residence?
TexLawyer :

She lives in Texas?

Customer: I meant how do I begin the process?
TexLawyer :

You need to hire an attorney. If there appears to be a decent settlement at the end of this, you may be able to get one to take it on contingency.

Customer: Yes Sir.
TexLawyer :

If you need help finding a lawyer, you can use or

Customer: Do I hire an attorney from TX then?
TexLawyer :

Both are reputable lawyer referral services, and both allow you to search for attorneys by practice area and location.

TexLawyer :


TexLawyer :

Do you have any questions?

Customer: If I file a lawsuit against her will that be under slander or harassment?
TexLawyer :


Customer: How long will be the lawsuit in effect? I don't want her ever contacting my friends, leaderships & myself ever.
TexLawyer :

Here is a little more information on defamation in Texas that you can read at your leisure:

Customer: Oh ok.
TexLawyer :

It's not an injunction, so it doesn't have a duration. You sue her for money. If she does it again, you sue her again. Eventually, she'll learn.

Customer: Wow!!
Customer: Ok- I think I got all the basic I need to press in this, do you have any advice for someone like me who have never done anything like this in my 12 yrs in the service?
TexLawyer :

You need to consult with a lawyer in Texas next week. They should be able to evaluate the value of your case.

TexLawyer :

Can I do anything else for you?

Customer: I think that's about it.. Thank you for your assistance.
Customer: You have a good night Sir.
TexLawyer :

Glad to help. If I can't do anything else for you, please remember to "rate" my answer. Also, thank you for your service.

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Hi, Grace. I just wanted to follow up with you and see how things went with the lawyer. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!