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Hi, I recently moved to Florida from the Virgin Islands. In

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Hi, I recently moved to Florida from the Virgin Islands. In the Virgin Islands I acquired a Vehicle loan and still owed on that loan I moved to Florida and I had the Vehicle up for sale. A family member told me that he knew of someone who can sell the vehicle for me I agreed to have this person sell the vehicle within a month there was no attempt on his part to sell the vehicle He then told the family member that he wants to make payments monthly on the vehicle til it gets sold which we both agreed to and if not and payments are being made by Him and the Vehicle is completely paid off for I will turn over Vehicle to Him. The person had his girlfriend driving the vehicle and she wrecked it. A Insurance Claim was made and the payout was made out to me because the vehicle is in my name and I still owe the Loan Company on it. The person wants me to disburse all monies to them. I don't know this person I am skeptical of doing so because I could disburse the monies to them and not know if the Vehicle is being repaired. I then told the person to go ahead and take the Vehicle to the body shop and to inform me of where you are going to take it and contact info. and to assure that the Vehicle is being repaired I will disburse any money to the repair shop.. I was then told that He is going to sue for fraudulent sale which I never sold the Vehicle to the party in question. I need Legal advise in this matter.

Thank you for your question.

Who was paying for the insurance policy that covered the car?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

the person was paying for the insurance

You have a lien on the insurance proceeds to ensure that the car is repaired properly.

Technically, whether there is an enforceable agreement to sell the car is doubtful unless it is in writing (which it sounds to be a verbal condition based on the way you've stated the facts of your case). Even so, the other person does not own the vehicle until they have completed the payments on what is owed. You still own the vehicle and are entitled to make sure that the vehicle is repaired properly.

The other person does not have a claim for "fraud" against you here.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you, XXXXX XXXXX I keep in touch with you?

You are welcome.

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I will follow up with you in 4 days to see how you are doing.
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I'm following up with you regarding your auto insurance question related to your vehicle in the VI. Is there anything further I can do for you?