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Can this person be forced to rehab.sans report to police

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I have been involved in a no injury but 31k of property damage incident with a person who was driving my car but i didnt know she a) had been drinkingB) had been on probation for a prior dui She had agreed to replace the property damaged vehicle ... This was not reported to insurance there was no accident report with police ... She is a friend and is not a US citizen, but a generally responsiblebdecent person. Yet my property is now returned and i cant get it safety inspected im fed up and want my car back per agreementnand she needs rehab . Plus loaned her $6k for medical iissues that are not related to the incident. I want her to go to rehab and stay in the country but this is too much can this be done sans police.
She is going to hurt some one cos she drinks and drives daily .

Kirk Adams :

Hi - my name is XXXXX XXXXX I'm a litigation attorney. Thanks for your question.

Kirk Adams :

Unfortunately, this person cannot be FORCED to enter rehab short of her being charged with a crime, convicted of that crim and having a court order directing that she complete rehab as part of a sentence.

Kirk Adams :

Any entry of rehab would be completely voluntary on her part unless she's charged with a crime and convicted. If you want to go that route, you certainly could call the authorities and report her drunk driving and have her picked up during the act.

Kirk Adams :

Also, if you want to sue her for your property damage, you certainly can do so. Since there's no police report, you would have to prove that she was operating your vehicle and caused the damage. If you can prove that, you can seek a judgment for the amount of hte damages. I know this is not your main concern, but it's something I thought I'd mention nonetheless.

Customer: Thanks i was afraid that would be the case, as she is being a bit more cooperative today Ithink shes gonna go to rehab
Customer: she has agreed to enter a rehab program,
Customer: Thanks i thought that would be the case.
Customer: Thanks !
Customer: Today she is agreeing to enter rehab, and payback the incidental loan.
Customer: The good thing here is she is agreeing to enter a program today.
Kirk Adams :

Yeah, the only time a person can be involuntarily committed is for a mental health disorder. So, she'll have to go voluntarily. However, it sounds like she's willing to do this - - which is great for her.

Customer: The car is driveable but isnt going to pass inspection but ill deal if she keeps her word i pretty much said you can go or go to court and talk to the judge small town a common event
Kirk Adams :

You're a good friend for trying to help her out, and cutting her some slack on repaying the loan, etc. I hope that she gets the help she needs.

Customer: So we are really luckymmost terrifying 90seconds of my life lol
Customer: have a good day
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thats not a bad idea,
I do have another thought here the guy that did the great long time repair has done this for her before, he is i believe all too willing to do this .
Local police would only shut this guy down if i went the criminal route,
Id like to avoid doing that but i want to send a stong message that he better stop. Any ideas.
I don't know if I have enough information to respond yet. Tell me what's going on and what you want to do....Thanks.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Never mind i withdraw that line of thought
Been a long day thanks for your assistance.
Ok. Just let Me know if you need something else.