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I was working with a lifecoach for a year. At the time I was

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I was working with a lifecoach for a year. At the time I was working with her I was unemployed. She stated her fee and I stated that I could not afford her prices. She said for me to pay her what I could and we could renegotiate her terms when I became employed. 6 months later, I found a job and we renegotiated the payments. She wanted to suspend services because this extended the time frame for her program that she offered to me. I agreed, and stated what I could pay. As a result, she reconsidered revising our appointment schedule for an extended period of time with payment. I requested that she take into consideration that I would need recovery time for my personal budget. She agreed. Here we are several months later and she wants to increase the payment amount to take care of the balance of over $2500. I explained to her that my financial circumstances have changed and forced me to resolve immediate issues with my living situation. I tried to offer a lump sum amount of $1700 to settle my balance so that I could be done with the debt and focus on my personal issue. We agreed on $1700 for now and again stated that we would settle the balance in small payments. Long story short, all of our correspondence was through email. Our initial contract for services was received through emailed documents with PDF files. Agreements for payments were done through email messages. I have always payed as agreed, but with this recent payment, I was unable to fulfil the full payment amount. I Immediately notified her a week in advance and stated when I would be able to make the next payment along with the amount. She stated that this was not acceptable. I told her again on the payment day that I was unable to make the full payment and again stated the amount and the day (within the next 2 weeks) when I could pay. She stated that and that she expected the full amount to be in her account by the next day. Although, I was not able to fulfill our initial payment agreement, I am trying to actively make arrangements to satisfy this debt. I need legal advice on this in case she may choose to get a lawyer.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes. I also wanted to add that I received an email from the person stating that she would be forced to enforce the contract through my employer. Is this legal?? and how is this possible?

Thank you for your follow up.

1) Can you please tell me what is the total amount that is owed to this life coach?

2) Did you sign any type of confidentiality agreement which stated that any information that you shared with this life coach would not be disclosed by the coach to any third parties?

3) Are you still working with this life coach or are you planing to work with this life coach in the future?

4) Are you both located in the same state?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

1) $2500 is owed


2) I signed an agreement, and it did state confidentiality but I am not certain this was in regards XXXXX XXXXX info of our discussions to a third party.


3) I am in Maryland she is located in PA and does her business through conference call


4) I am not planning on working with her in the future AT ALL!!

Thank you for your follow up.

Basically, if this life coach decides to file a lawsuit to seek to recover the $2,500 that is owed to her at this time, she would have to file a lawsuit in PA and properly serve you with the summons and complaint from the Small Claims court and given the fact that this life coach is located in a different state, the cost of pursuing such lawsuit or hiring an attorney for an amount of $2,500 might simply not make much practical sense, as the legal fees might be too high.

The only way that this life coach can garnish your wages through your employer, is if she does sue you and obtains a judgment against you, otherwise it appears to be empty threats and scare tactics on behalf of this life coach.

It might be in everyones best interest for you to negotiate some type of payment plan that you can afford and even though this life coach might be telling you that she only wants a full payment of all the outstanding fees, it is more than likely that once she realizes that you cannot and will not make such full payment right away and that you are not intimidated or scared of her "enforcement threats", she will change her mind and will be happy to accept payments from you.

I wish you the best of luck and please let me know if you have any related follow up questions.
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