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We have a group of teachers (some of whom at one time or another

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We have a group of teachers (some of whom at one time or another were rightfully reprimanded for something) who have made it their mission to discredit the principal with continuous malicious complaints to the governing board that after investigation have been proven frivolous. They accuse the principal of being vindictive, playing favorites, intimidating and being unresponsive to complaints (which in reality they have never brought to her) They advised new employees not to ever speak to the principal about problems, only to the vice principal. When she was finally given a list of what the complaints were and jointly with the teachers came up with solutions to each problem their complaints became more personal about her, and of course about the solutions that were created. They have accused her of misappropriation of funds, allowing abuse to happen in the school, harassment, and now discrimination. Each one of the complaints have been investigated and no evidence has been found to support it. Now they have chosen to terminate their employment with the school but continue to meet with parents outside of school in order to get letters of complaint from parents to support their false allegations, and are also are trying to persuade parents to withdraw their children from the school. Does the principal have grounds to sue these teachers for slander, or any recourse to stop these teachers from the destructive path that they choose to pursue.



I am an attorney with more than 25 years of experience and I look forward to providing true and correct information to you in this regard


If there are lies being told about a person with the intent of harming that person's reputation and the persons telling the lies know the lies are not true that is defamation. And so, if these teachers are continuing on this course of reputation destruction against this principal, I suggest there needs to be a letter of "cease and desist" sent to each of them


Now, the letter may be sent to them by the principal, but if it comes from a local attorney on letterhead it may have more of an affect.


The letter simply has to say that this is a demand to cease and desist any and all behaviors that are defamatory in nature because it is harming to the reputation and that if they continue the action taken will be a defamation lawsuit


The letter needs to be mailed to each person via certified mail with a return receipt requested.


Once these letters have been issued if the behaviors continue then there is a basis for a lawsuit. And I suggest if a local attorney was not consulted to write the letters then at this point one would want to be consulted.


Now, defamation lawsuits can be costly and so you will want to be sure that the persons who are being sued have assets to collect on should the suit be successful for the principal.


In other words, you want the juice to be worth the squeeze. I might add, however, that most times with a cease and desist letter the behavior will end.



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