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I just received a work request order from a company called

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I just received a work request order from a company called "The Best Notary.Net". They are collecting fees from a client here in Texas to have two documents which are written in Russian to be notarized with a Jurat and Texas embossed seal. One is a Russian
Grant Deed and the other is an Affidavit declaring residency here in the US. I accepted the assigned because they were randomly calling Notaries trying to find someone to just go over and complete the notarization, but I told it is better to error on the side
of caution and ensure we complete the notarization properly. They agreed. So here is my question: For foreign language documents, I normally insist that it be translated into English and an Affidavit of Translation be attached from the translator before providing
the notarization. However, in this particular situation we do not have a Russian translator other that the Google Translate application. Am I able to utilize the Google application to fulfill the Remedies Code of "basic understanding of the document"? The
signors speak both English and Russian. Second question. (And I am not being sarcastic - I just don't know how else to state this) - Since the certificate is considered the "domain" of the notary - am I allowed to use Adobe Acrobat Pro and type a Texas Jurat
underneath the signatures on the Deed instead of using a Jurat Stamp? If you would like to see the 3 page document I can attached it for review if you like. Thank you.
Thank you for your new question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking.
Yes, if you have access to google and you are able to verify the contents of the document state what they state, then you can agree to notarize the document, but you would have to also certify in the jurat that you reviewed the document via translation software to validate what the contents of the document stated in the absence of a translation affidavit).
If you have the ability to put the jurat under the signatures on the deed below their original signatures with the computer software, there is nothing prohibiting that in the laws.
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