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Can you help me fulfill the request of the AC who wrote me:

This answer was rated:

Can you help me fulfill the request of the AC who wrote me: Your motion to augment needs to be amended. You must include reasons why you need the documents and why they weren’t in the original record. You can do this by way of a declaration or however you choose to do it. With any motion you also need points and authorities. This is just as simple as referring to CRC rule 8.54 (motions) and 8.155 (augmenting record).

BTW, the reason I didn't ask initially is that I didn't think of it.
Thank you for your new question and for asking for me.

What type of assistance would you like, since they have told you what needs to be done?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Since I hadn't heard back from you, not that I gave you much time, and I know you need to sleep once in a while and do other things, I wrote the court the following:


The documents, specifically the transcripts of the 2 hearings/trial in Texas were part of the filings that I made to the Superior Court of California, and which talked clearly to the fraud of the Texas State Court. California Superior Court Judges Bloom had these documents in his possession when he erroneously ruled in favor of Plaintiff Knuff. The reason I never included these documents in the original record is that I believed the Appeal Court would go through the entire record of the California Superior Courts.

Points and Authorities: CRC rule 8/54 (motions) and 8.155(augmenting record)

The Deputy Clerk just wrote me back:

Yes – I think that would be fine.

Paul, I also wrote you a question about this Ca. Superior Court Judge Bloom bringing up that my filings were "untimely", did you get that communication from me?

Thank you for your update.

If you already wrote them based on what the clerk told you then you are going to be fine as the lower court record is supposed to be reviewed on appeal by the appeals court and they are supposed to receive the entire court record. It is your job in an appeal brief to point them to the exact portions of the record that substantiate your claims in the appellate brief.

As far as your question about Judge Bloom, I did not get that part. Were your filings timely?

Thank you so much for using I truly aim to please you as a customer, but please keep in mind that I do not know what you already know or don't know, or with what you need help, unless you tell me. If I did not answer the question you thought you were asking, please respond with the specific question you wanted answered. PLEASE use REPLY to EXPERT if you would like more information or if you feel something was not included in your answer.

Kindly remember the ONLY WAY experts receive any credit at all for spending time with customers is if you click on OK, GOOD or EXCELLENT SERVICE even though you have made a deposit or are a subscription customer. YOU MUST COMPLETE THE RATING FOR THE EXPERT TO XXXXX CREDIT, if not the site keeps your money on deposit.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I believe they were. The first California judge Groch to hear my pleas to set aside the Texas judgment never took issue with the timing of my filings, and was back in September 2011. CAlif. judge Bloom heard my case in late April and early May 2012, and out of nowhere he started these "mutterings" of "timeliness" and I never really questioned him what he was talking about because I was so focused on his ludicrous proposition that he was a "potted plant" with no discretion to delve into whether or not the Texas judgement was fraudulent despite me pointing him to the transcripts of those hearings that leads everyone to conclude that something most awful had taken place.

BTW, I have now completed my final "study" of how currently the Appeals Court Judge Judith McDonnell - as well as the other Appeal Court judges who would all know what is happening given how they have never seen anything like this before - are viewing what is going on, by seeing the reaction of my 57 Facebook "friends" who normally have a great deal to say, including one FB "friend", Laura Malter who prides herself, as she includes on FB bio, having worked for the CIA from Jun 1980 to Aug 1982.

All 57 are not only "literate" but they perfectly understand "evidence" and these "friends" who are as eclectic as it gets, from Malter, to Black American rabbi Caspers Funnye who is a close cousin of First Lady Michelle Obama, to Keisha Whitaker, the wife of Hollywood star, Forest Whitaker, reflect the fear of the Calif. Appeals Court judges who don't want my information on how corrupted is the price mechanism to get out there to more of the masses, but they are plagued by knowing that a great many people already have the information and that many of these people are very well known already; meaning that in the very next instant, given the light speed of the Internet and everyone looking for the next big news item, the entire world's focus could be on this judge Judith McDonnell to do the right thing.

So even those who say they are my "friends" are showing they are not really my friends and have been telling "the world" that they are my "friends" when in fact they have mainly been wanting to profit from the information without "actively" sharing the information.

When you have a situation where it appears that no one is really interested in the truth, and there cannot be anything more important to a consumer society than the pricing of all their consumer needs including things like tickets to movies and the amount a religious person gives to their favorite charities, there is that much more likelihood that one person would want to differentiate themselves from everyone else.

As you would expect, long before I decided to speak out when breaking my 24 year silence with De Beers, I who prided myself on my "risk assessment" capabilities and these qualities attracted the richest people in all the disciplines, figured out that nothing could explain why the world hadn't blown up given the distrust of not just the biggest crooks at the very top who had the most to lose from the masses finding out their simple to figure out "game" of holding on to their stolen wealth by creating masses of lazy middle class people who thought it was their intelligence on how best to make money while getting others "less intelligent" to do all the grunt working including fighting the wars to kill others poor and equally hungry for food and most importantly fresh drinking water, BUT the increasingly de-energized human masses only looking to get out of others increasingly like themselves as much as possible without having to do much themselves and therefore never giving the slightest consideration to the positives of actual physical hard work other than they felt good right after completing the physical work, but that didn't last long as they quickly began to focus on their body's aches and pains from "stretching themselves" and therefore never coming close to recognizing the end goal of simply being "aware" that there was a genius Power behind it all including the creation of "logic" that governs everything in this physical world.

With that "certain" knowledge that the world should have blown up, I noticed in the next instant that the world hadn't blown up or in the next moment that followed. I also noticed that as I shared my knowledge starting with putting the biggest crooks, De Beers on notice of what I was doing, De Beers found themselves increasingly paralyzed from doing anything other than being totally radical in their intimidation of their most corrupted government officials, beginning and ending with that photo of Putin and Oppenheimer; and then Oppenheimer began telling the world that he and his family were getting out of the diamond business which was a shot across the bow of all their corrupted government officials that they had better protect Oppenheimer as never before, because the moment Oppenheimer were to explain where he was putting his money, it would mean the end of the current monetary system given how there cannot be a better investment for Oppenheimer than continuing to support the fixed pricing of diamonds that is all that backs the American Green Back.

Oppenheimer now has to wait just like Obama and Putin for that one person who doesn't have to be one of my current FB "friends" to end this musical chair game; and that person of course could be you.

Thank you for your response.

Without knowing why Judge Bloom raised the timeliness issue I cannot tell you how or even if you can dispute it. However, if you believe you filed on time in accordance with the rules of procedure in CA, then you are going to have to state what that CA time limit was in your brief so you can show the court of appeals that there was no timeliness issue as raised by the judge. It is up to you as appellant to point out the law to the court that you want them to follow.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Given how I have now submitted my Amended O. Brief and all they are asking for is for me to amend my motion to augment, does it make sense for me to bring up this "timeliness" issue, and wouldn't that give them more a reason to "brush me off"?

At this point if you never raised it you need to hope they miss it as well, if the judge just made mention of it as an aside as you stated above. Now would not be the time to add it in if you did not already address it because that would serve only to focus the attention of the court on that particular issue and give them an out as you are saying.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok - now I refocus my energies on my 57 FB "friends" and the countless others reading what I have written and noticing the extraordinary deafening silence of those "friends" who now speak as much as that photo of Putin and Oppenheimer.

Thank you for your response. Now it is time to move on if you have submitted everything and wait for the court to rule.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I assume, even if you are like me, totally irreligious but increasingly aware of the Supernatural Force that governs each of us, and it is more uplifting than the greatest of lovemaking and why of course all the religions tend to minimize its greatness because those members of the priesthood also happen to be the least attractive, you are praying for me and my French-Canadian wife, Marie Dion

I am indeed wishing you all of the best in this case and am praying for a positive outcome here for you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks to your input and prayers the AC did accept my Opening Brief and now we have to wait for the opposition to respond.

I had filed a counter lawsuit against Knuff in Superior Court Case No. 37-2012-000997232CU-MC-CTL probably a year ago, and I wasn't quite sure I had all my ducks lined up. I have a hearing tomorrow and if I don't show up they case will be dismissed.

Do I lose anything by not showing up?

Do you think I have grounds for a counter lawsuit?

Thank you for your new update.

If you do not show up, your case can be dismissed with prejudice, which means you could not refile, as you did not show up. From what you have stated it sounds as though you might have grounds for the countersuit.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

im leaving shortly for the courthouse which is a good hour and a half away.

Since I want to pursue the counterlawsuit how do I phrase the argument that I need more time?


Do I need to file a motion with the court before hand, and if so what do I say?


Third, how do I explore the claims for a counterlawsuit and can you help me?

You need to file a motion for leave to file our of time with the court and you need to explain good cause to the court for the delay and reason why you should have more time on that suit.

I cannot explore the claims you may have because I just cannot get sufficient information through this site and that is beyond the scope of this service for me to do, I do apologize, but it just is not possible in this service.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

would good cause be that I have been working on my Appeal?


How much reasonable time can I ask for?


Do I first need to call the court to set up a time to be heard or given how my courtroom appearance is for today, will the clerk of the court accept it if i get it in before my appearance time?


Is it a new lawsuit that I would be filing here in California since the lawsuit Knuff filed against me was in Texas

Good cause is possibly the time being taken on appeal. Generally they will not give you more than 30 days, but you would ask for 60.

You do not need to call the court you simply file your motion for extension of time to file.

I thought you said above you had a suit filed already, if this is a new suit, it is not a counterclaim as you said above. What would you be filing suit against him for specifically? Defamation, slander, libel, or breach of contract?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Judge Pressman granted me until July 19 for a Case Management Conference which he told me I should look up on The Internet to understand what it means.

He didn't seem as mean as he did in his previous written responses when he refused my motions that I filed when I was out of the country last year because he said that my original signatures were not originals.

I didn't raise this point with him during the hearing when Knuff's lawyers didnt show up because I didn't remember it and I hadn't checked ahead of the hearing to refresh my memory as I had blocked out of my mind any chance I had of getting a fair hearing from any judge in this country; and had I brought up the nonsense of the original signature, given his big ego which he demonstrated by how he had every lawyer in the courtroom from the plaintiff to the defense bowing to him and a couple, on opposing sides actually when back in his chambers to see photos of his son that he was most proud of as his son appears to be on the team of the one defense lawyer who was friendly with the plaintiff lawyer and all sucking off the hind tit.

It was so disgusting all the civility amongst them all as they all actually think that without them there would be total anarchy in this world; but of course they are not as familiar with my writings as for example is First Lady Michelle Obama's close cousin, Black American Rabbi Caspers C. Funnye who made a move yesterday on his Facebook "wall" when acknowledging publicly that he "liked" my 798 word, "Yet he will rule over" posting I placed up on his FB "wall" on Wednesday that has done nothing short of paralyze my remaining 56 FB "friends" forget the fact that Rabbi Funnye knows that his 1677 other FB "friends" would seek that he was acknowledging much more than he looked forward to my unique interpretation of the most important section of Genesis that has caused great consternation as well as profit for most of the world during the past 2500 years.

You can see my follow up to Funnye who fully understands the absurdity of this defamation lawsuit where I now have the opportunity to go on the offensive and at the same time pressure the Calif. Appeal Court to rule in my favor.

Pressman said that if I wanted to amend my complaint that I filed in May 2012 I would need to motion him. Do I motion him before or at the same time I submit my amended complaint?

Can I use anything that came out of the transcripts/hearings in Texas to support my claims.

The only damages I can currently get my head around apart from all the "despair" over the past 3 years having to put up with all the bullshit of knuff and the courts is that we ended up losing our 8 year residence on the ocean in Del Mar where we rented from a great landlady who was brought before Knuff's Debtors Examiners who wrote in their pleading that they had reason to believe that she was hiding assets of mine" without providing any proof of their baseless contention; and she stood tall in her debtors examination but she is now going on 80 and her son who is in line to be the executor of her rich real estate started to play head trips on us when we were out of the country and so we decided to just let the apartment that was costing us $3,000 a month go; and for 9 months he hasn't been able to rent although he spent the time giving it a much needed facelift that we had told our landlady, again his mother, of 8 years that we would have gladly paid for. The son of course knows that my French-Canadian wife and I meant the world to his mother and he also knows that she and the two of us remain very close and she continues to help us in every way she can and right now I know she does a lot of praying for us.

That is all quite a story in itself but there are a great many people we have known over the years who are very pained by this egregious miscarriage of justice for which there are not really adequate words to describe its horror, but once one knows for certain that a Supernatural Force exists and it is much easier if one is not religious since that would make one that much more illogical, then everything makes sense.

I would think that with the way everything is progressing we should be able to entice at least one "Robin Hood" lawyer and perhaps will grant you special dispensation to assist me more without prejudicing your livelihood?
If you are seeking to amend your complaint, you have to file a motion for leave to amend and attach the proposed amended complaint you want to file and in your motion explain what the good cause is for granting you the right to amend your case.

This site does not "grant dispensation" I am afraid as their rules are strictly adhered to because everyone who comes to this site has some type of crisis needing representation and again none of the attorneys on this site work for they are also not pro bono attorneys, they are all independent contractors with the site who have to simply abide by the rules of the site.

You can use anything you want that was raised in the transcripts in your new case asit is official court record, but what you cannot do is litigate any of the same issues that were already litigated in the Texas courts.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Can I use Knuff giving sworn testimony that he has a neurological disease? Would that mean being able to get his medical records?

In Texas they never addressed in the court hearings, and this is confirmed by the transcripts, the issue of Texas being the wrong jurisdiction. In other words, can I raise/litigate that in my new lawsuit?

Can I raise the fact that Knuff never provided a shred of evidence that I committed defamation?

Can I raise that I only found out after the $4 million TEXAS DEATH SENTENCE judgment that Knuff and his lawyer had so intimidated the main co-defendant XXXXX XXXXX Tucker that he fabricated a physical assault charge against me right after he produced a video totally exonerating me, and with them believing that they had Tucker totally submissive they tried to get him to lie and attribute statements that he had made on the Internet to me and which tucker refused to do because he knew those postings were his; and then just 2 weeks after filing the baseless complaint against me and now no longer useful to Knuff because they hoped he would give them the evidence they were looking for to make their defamation lawsuit against me more convincing, Tucker lost his physical assault charge against me because he not only had no injuries but no witnesses despite the 2 of us in a very busy coffee shop and surrounded by patrons, but nor did Tucker tell me or the Superior Court Judge hearing his false physical assault charge that he had entered into secret negotiations with Knuff to save his own skin, despite the Superior Court Judge Orfield shaking her head time and again wanting to get to the bottom of why Tucker who had been so positive towards me just days before filing such a lawsuit, had suddenly turned on me.


Can I introduce that video which I submitted to the Texas Court but they never acknowledged it?

Can I introduce the fact that the Texas Court illegally struck all my pleadings because that was the only way they could begin handing me the Texas Death Sentence sanctions?

Can I point to the extreme bias of Texas Judge Lowy breaking every law and court rule when simply going along with Knuff's lawyer's contention that I hadn't shown "good faith" in responding to the discovery requests even though moments before Lowy conceded that he couldn't come down hard on me for not giving them what they wanted because they had provided no evidence that I had committed any wrong?

What about the glaring perjury committed by Knuff including him being caught red handed by the Texas Judge Lowy trying to introduce false evidence as a exhibit when he couldn't find the statements he said showed that I said he had trained PLO terrorists to kill?

Could I name Judge Lowy and knuff's Dallas Lawyer as well as his Century City lawyers as "defendants"?


BTW, the CC lawyers who were just tasked with collecting the $4 million from me kept going after my wife's IRA monies that California judge Bloom said they could not touch, and while they didn't get any of it they went to so far as to ask me the combination to the safe in our previous home in Del Mar where my wife had kept some of those IRA monies which were all gold; and of course she moved all that out of the house following her debtors examination when they asked about those monies; and when I complained about heir actions to the court , the court simply blew it off, including me informing the court that when I confronted the CC lawyer who was doing my 2nd debtor examination why he persisted with me in finding out whether I knew the combination to my wife's safe, the CC lawyer told me, of course off the record, what other choice did he have but to intimidate me in order to settle with Knuff so that he and his law firm could get their share of the theft.

You know that I perfectly understand that we all have choices in this world and I too could decide to take a totally different path and with increasing pressure on the California Appeals Court to do the right thing, and they too can perfectly understand what caused hugely important Black American Rabbi Funnye to break his 478 day silence with me this past June 5th, the 69th anniversary of D-Day whose single purpose was to lay the "groundwork" for the month's Bretton Woods Conference, an atrocity far greater than our Jewish Holocaust of WW II which was far from over.

Not to mention, when you have the time you should try and read ARROWS IN THE DARK by Israeli historian, Professor Tuvia Friling which was first published in Hebrew in 1998 and then translated into English in 1998

given how it details for the very first time the "money component" of war; specifically the ingenious plan by the financiers of Nazi Germany who knew that Nazi Germany were going to be eventually defeated, and now they needed to quickly flush out all those with any wealth amongst the Jewish communities spread throughout the world who had not got caught up in the rather huge net that had encircled all Europe and Asia by having their Nazi agents contact the leaders of all the remaining Jewish communities to come up with ransom monies to save the lives of European Jewish people destined for the 300 death camps in Germany and Poland.

The fact that very accomplished in battle, Major Friling completely missed the mark despite his most thorough investigation where he also managed to uncover key elements of the genius of the General of Generals David Ben Gurion who made a point of saying little to nothing in his public statements while leaving everything in his private communications with government officials who were not doing everything they could to prevent the total annihilation of all 12 million European Jews, is no small matter, and his subsequent silence once I explained it all, speaks volumes.

Friling is not your usual "run of the mill" Israeli intellectual given how he, a "gifted kid" worked his way up the ranks to Deputy Commander of the Golani Brigade which is beyond a shadow of a doubt the most fierce fighting brigade in the history of warfare, and where the soldiers execute like no other military the key elements of Israeli Special Forces Martial Art, Krav Maga where there are no rules, no limits and why insubordination is most often times rewarded.

You are not the only person in the world who has their "plate full" doing whatever it is they think is important based on what their mind identifies should be a priority including telling others what to do and not to do, and the fact that every so often each one of us can recognize that there is a Higher Power out there, does not mean anyone actually believes it on a consistent basis, but that only goes to show how extraordinarily powerful is this Higher Force who has us humans all thinking that nothing will really change until it happens.

I have been explaining to a great many people for quite some time how very comfortable are those who have the knowledge of where the world is heading which is clearly nuclear war which once it starts there will be no turning back and the whole world could blow up in the very next instant or it could drag out over weeks, months and very possibly years, but certainly not decades, and none of these people are really that interested in doing much more than simply thinking that the world would be far better off letting monkeys throw darts at a dart board in deciding how best to allocate the resources of the world versus the way they are currently allocated which is according to the whims of the mineral monopolists led by De Beers who I have demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt own each one of the world's politicians worth talking about.

Such widespread insanity cannot be put down to "chance".

The fact that I may be the only person in the world who can debate all this does not change the fact that I am the one capable of getting every nonsense talker to go quiet, and all I need is that much bigger an audience than I currently have.

The fact that Knuff and company were not able to get me to remove any statements that they say were defamatory of Knuff is also not inconsequential.

The fact that I cannot get one lawyer in the world willing to do pro bono work for me is of course incredulous considering all the pro work of all the lawyers who are not members of organizations like the ACLU as well as those who work for the nonsense American Civil Liberties Union, some who I know extraordinarily well and who want to also believe that the stauts quo will remain so indefinitely or at least until they have secured their "safe haven".


I dont need to look further than my own immediate family who are not simply the most honest family I know, but it would have been very easy for either my mother or father to have confronted my father's first cousin David Gevisser, the "male heir" of Charles Engelhard Jr., the world's richest and most powerful mineral monopolist who right before his death in March 1971 incriminated all 3 Branches of the US Government, to get nothing less than the lion's share of my "lucky uncle" Dave's huge mineral estate following his decision in 2006 to publish his most extraordinarily incriminating memoirs, THE UNLIKELY FORESTER; and I know for a fact that neither of my parents who were divorced at the time came close to doing; and both for very different reasons; my mother because her ego got in the way; the same with her second husband who also realized that it was De Beers who afforded him to retire earlier than all the slaves he employed at his clothing factory in South Africa; and my dad because he was so incredibly honest and would therefore never even think of lowering himself to ask for what was rightfully his, even though he was at this point in his life thoroughly convinced the entire world was sick; and that still didn't have him feeling in any way shape or form depressed as he continued to the very end of his life having the most positive outlook, which is almost inexplicable given what an incredibly tough life my dad had from the moment he returned from war and having accomplished the impossible 71 miraculous dive bombing missions in the most rugged terrain of northern Italy, which vacation goers cannot even begin to imagine, because they are first of all so very disconnected from the real world because they all live in dreamworld fantasizing that people are innately good when their actions show quite the opposite and yet there are in fact people like my father and his Commanding Officer Jan Smuts who have this most positive outlook while fully understanding the mechanics of war which are all about manipulating the poor of the world to fight for the inalienable right of the rich to hold on to their stolen wealth without those who have more than others starting with the soldiers, having the common sense to fairly pay the soldiers, starting with the best of the soldiers who were during WW II the Fighter-Bomber-Pilots which one wouldn't need much of an imagination to appreciate what it took to complete one dive bombing mission.


Not to mention, how on an individual basis we each want to do good, starting with feeling good when we fill our stomachs because hunger pains are not pleasant and collectively we like working towards a common goal even if all that means is rooting for our favorite team. The human is one big mixed up bag of goods; one moment it is all logical and then collectively totally illogical but one thing is for sure, the human hates more than anything else the feeling of stupid, once of course it has had its basic needs met.

Even if you have never flown in a single prop plane and your only experience is flying in a commercial aircraft you know what it is like when the aircraft hits an air pocket and the aircraft loses altitude, but imagine long before you begin your dive from a very dizzy height being surrounded by bunches of puffs of black smoke which are not the result of the pilot next to you cleaning our his pipe before lighting up another pinch of pipe tobacco as what you don't see is heavy duty shrapnel that could easily sever a limb before you know it, and why it is that you see so very little film footage of even big bomber crews who never come close to the ground they are bombing when returning after a bombing raid where all they encountered was this heavy duty anti-aircraft fire from the ground.

Now imagine what training went into getting a F-B-P like my dad to overcome their fear, and how it translated to those on the ground either firing the anti-aircraft guns or the partisans being squeezed into a corner as the Germans were now fully in retreat and their orders quite clear that they were not to return to Germany alive.

My father was still 21 years of age when he completed his 71st mission on April 15, 1945 and he remained up until 11.11.2004 when I broke my 24 year silence with De Beers, totally oblivious to De Beers and their affiliates throughout the world including Haliburton having backed both sides to WW II, while initially expecting Nazi Germany to be victorious.

My French-Canadian wife Marie Dion whose father Johnny was a tail gunner in an Allied long range bomber which crashed on landing following a bombing raid over Germany that killed all the other crew members, has not read the 978 word public communique I posted on Michelle Obama's close cousin's Facebook "wall" last Wednesday, the same with the overwhelming majority of the world's literate population but that does not mean Michelle Obama and her husband have yet to hear of me.

Rabbi Funnye will have seen my follow up and he has not yet decided to delete me as a FB "friend".

The light-speed Internet has changed the game.

The have-nots have the upper hand as those who only feign their concern for those disadvantaged find themselves not only increasingly quiet but isolated.

I know how very uncomfortable are the very talkative "haves" from just the non-reaction of the rest of my 56 Facebook "friends" which include my adopted first cousin Symantha Ash who is a 21 year old Zulu woman who is currently studying the same business degree that I received at the end of 1977 right before journeying to the US for the first time and seeing how very different were Americans in each of the many cities I visited, no different to anywhere else in the world, but what they all had in common was this increasing fat disease that most of all told me that they couldn't be all that intelligent to let their bodies go and think there would be no negative impact on the way they thought.

When you look at Nicholas Oppenheimer who is both ugly and fat, you can immediately gather that he is not all that bright but yet smart enough to know when the time was right to summon Putin to South Africa in September 2006 and know that I would be the only person in the world who would show any objection.

I have yet to come across any fat person that I consider attractive because that would make me abnormal given how I have yet to find one fat person who I consider intelligent enough to at least make certain that our soldiers are paid the lion's share of the spoils of war which began coming to an end when the US Congress bonused US Admiral Perry $20,000 for intimidating the Japanese merchant fleet to surrender back in 1855 and begin handing over their raw materials and finished goods at a price we Americans considered fair which is not the way fair trade agreements are supposed to be entered into because putting a gun to someone's head to get what you want is nothing less than extortion which is duress to the Nth Degree.

The next time you see a Brinks armored truck hauling worthless money around, and you notice the words and numbers, ESTABLISHED IN 1859, and you had a sense that the whole world was reading this information, it is very possible that you would remember that much more what took place 4 years before.

How do you think you will feel if the next thing you hear is that I have been assassinated or that each one of my 56 other FB "friends" have decided to follow in Rabbi Funnye's footsteps, and perhaps be even more courageous?

You must know how tired are a great many people "hearing about the law".

Isn't time for more of us to show competency?

If he made his medical condition an issue, you can seek to subpoena those records to prove your case.

You cannot relitigate the jurisdiction issue if you appeared in Texas and argued this case, since the failure to argue jurisdiction in the Texas court means that jurisdiction was waived.

You cannot argue what the Texas court did in your new case at all, that is relitigating the case. You can only present any new claims not litigated against the other party in the Texas court. If you even mention what happened in the Texas court litigation (aside from using statements he made to prove something in your new case) the court will throw out your case for res judicata (already decided).

Everything you are arguing about the video had to be heard and determined in Texas under that suit, not under a new suit I am afraid. If the court did not consider it as part of the case or on appeal, it cannot be raised again in CA as the CA courts do not have the power to litigate something that should have been handled in the Texas case.

You cannot claim bias of the Texas court or the perjury in the Texas court, again that had to be dealt with by the Texas Court and not the CA court.

The judge is immune from suit and again, even if he were not the proper jurisdiction would have been in Texas and not in CA. Same for the Dallas attorney, it had to be raised in the Texas court case if you had grounds for sanctions against him.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I only appeared at the first hearing and I did it telephonically. There was no court transcriber present as there were in all 4 that followed. I argued, as I did in my written pleadings that Texas was the wrong jurisdiction and Judge Lowy simply ignored me and told me that this hearing was the wrong venue to argue jurisdiction.

Once I realized that it was a kangaroo court proceeding I didn't bother attending any of the future hearings but I kept pleading my case as well as trying to get the Federal Court in in San Diego to hear the case and they simply remanded me back to Texas State Court, and I didn't follow up with the Federal court in Texas because that would have meant that I was playing their game of agreeing to Texas being the rightful jurisdiction. In other words my thinking was and it remains the same today that anyone can follow in Knuff's footsteps and go from one state to the next and unless bankrupt one has to keep paying a $350 fee to the Federal Court to hear the case.

What then could be my new claims? Him calling me a nut, him lying under oath saying that he had heard my name before and then moments later saying he had never heard of me? Him not providing any evidence of defamation? I didn't know until I got the transcripts from the last hearing/trial on January 21, 2011 that Knuff had presented 992 pages of exhibits and there was not a shred of evidence of defamation and on top of it judge Lowy asked them to show him specific evidence that they had been referring to earlier and they couldn't find it; wouldn't that be new evidence?

Isnt the fact that the filing of the lawsuit that was patently fabricated indicative of defamation against me?

In other words how do I separate all their criminal actions to get my justice or are you saying that I am screwed?

I am afraid I do not know the whole case well enough to point out or develop your new causes of action that occurred in CA. Anything about the Texas case that was decided in Texas though had to go through the Texas courts, including on appeal to appeal the jurisdiction issue to the Texas Supreme Court and then to the US District and the US Courts of Appeal and possibly the US Supreme court based on the denial of your meaningful due process when you were in the time limits for pursuing those appeals. Once those time limits are exceeded all you have left is arguing that the denial of meaningful due process is grounds for the CA court to refuse to honor the Texas judgment which is what you are doing. I do not know what other new causes of action you might have against him, but to sue in the CA court you must have causes of action that were not litigated or part of the original Texas case.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I never argued that his fabricated lawsuit defamed me. Isn't that a new cause of action?

isn't his perjury on the stand, a new claim of defamation? He was only lying to steal and defame me.


What about the fact that they struck my pleadings including the video by the co-defendant Tucker which exonerated me and at the same time explained that Knuff saw fit to cover him babbling his mouth and if anything he was defaming himself, Knuff filed a fabricated defamation lawsuit?

Surely there has to be a way to protect an innocent person from a criminal running to another State which allow judges to be bribed?

At this time I have exhausted my thinking for the day; perhaps you will find a simple solution to make a new lawsuit against Knuff stick.

His lawsuit against you would not be defamation, it could be malicious prosecution and that would be an appropriate cause of action, but the fact is that you cannot bring that suit or at least will not be successful in the suit unless you get the original Texas case dismissed or get the CA court to refuse to honor the judgment based on the denial of your rights.

Everything else you are arguing above falls under something that should have been argued in the Texas courts on appeal.

Your objection to the conduct of the plaintiff in the Texas courts and the conduct of the Texas courts had to have been pursued as an appeal to the Texas Supreme Court and then to the US District and US Court of Appeals and US Supreme Court within the proper time periods for appeals, not as a new suit which we has discussed.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The Texas Court of Appeal stunk just like Judge Lowy - they all occupy the same building.


What is the time frame to US District and US Court of Appeal and the US Supreme Court?

The statute of limitations to appeal to the federal courts would be 30 days from entry of the Texas highest court's decision. If fraud was discovered after entry of the judgment on appeal, you have 1 year to appeal from the date of the discovery of that fraud.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

What if i am only now discovering the fraud?


What would that fraud be?


I thought there was no statute of limitation when it comes to government fraud because that would be illogical would it not?

If you are just now discovering the fraud and it was not able to be discovered during the trial, then you have to go back to the Texas courts to get the decision vacated on the basis of fraud, not the CA courts.

There is a statute of limitations on fraud, but it runs from when it is actually discovered. You cannot just discover fraud and wait forever to take action I am afraid.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The Texas Courts have already ruled that they are not going to buck Lowy's decision given how his fraud is so utterly transparent going back to the fact that he had no business allowing the lawsuit in the first place, and why again I have not been able to find a single lawyer including the ACLU to represent me.

What about the fact that I am continuously discovering the extent of the systemic fraud of the justice system that never expected someone like me to either speak out or last the distance?

Thank you for your response.

I cannot help what the Texas courts did and I am sorry, but your remedy is in Texas and not in a new case in CA over what happened in the Texas court. If you have discovered new fraud, then this is grounds to seek a new appeal in the Texas court and then proceed from them denying you to the Texas appeals court and then to the Texas Supreme Court and over to the federal court. However, you have to follow the process in Texas if CA denies your request to not enforce the Texas judgment based on lack of meaningful due process.

I do not know why the attorneys are refusing your case unless they find nothing to argue based on what you are presenting to them or perhaps it is the way you are presenting your case to them and you might want to do so in a shorter more concise manner without all of your editorial comments we are going through above and focus just on your denial of due process rights and present the actual facts only to the attorney to evaluate together with your evidence (this is merely a suggestion as I really do not know why they refuse to take your case).
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

You seem to be backing off what you wrote me earlier, "Every time I read the things you write to me about your case I wonder why I ever got involved in the practice of law."


I've explained the history of my communications with a great many lawyers, from the richest to the poorest following my receipt of the fabricated defamation lawsuit back in February 2010, and each one of them arrive at the exact same conclusion as you, but they are not all as eloquent as what you described; some in fact, as I have also previously told you have gone out of their way to try and milk my French-Canadian wife for all its worth.

Moreover, we had a relatively high profile athlete friend who my wife had entrusted with some of her valuables following intimidation of the Nth degree by plaintiff Knuff and his liar-lawyers, and this heavyweight boxer who held one of the 3 heavyweight boxing titles as of May 24 when he lost over in France, decide to steal those valuables that were mostly gold coming from my wife's IRA which the one California judge Bloom told Knuff's lawyers that they couldn't touch.

Everyone has their excuses for not doing the right thing, but that doesn't prevent me from still doing the right thing and loving every moment of this life that is in fact one big game which simply has to be played right and when you decide not to be honest it becomes a downward spiral from which there is no escape, not even death given how none of us know for certain what takes place at that final moment when inhaling is no longer automatic.

My wife and I have yet to make a decision to contact the police as we only discovered this theft over the course of the past couple of days and this Mike Grant is simply saying that he is sorry about what he did and that his teacher wife is "displeased" with him and that I should continue to be supportive of him because he plans to repay all the stolen funds, upwards of $60K out of his future purses which may actually be rather substantial given how warped is the human mind so entertained by watching the freakiest of events.

Im currently on a train heading from San Diego to Los Angeles to meet with a trusted Israeli "brother" who has yet to hear of Mike Grant's disgusting actions which of course wouldn't surprise him or anyone else.

The train is now passing through the Marine base, Camp Pendalton and I just observed a bunch of high speed rubber boats - speed skags - which were most likely used on Operation Sparkling that you will find on the homepage of my website

Im seated next to a woman who works for the local energy company SDG&E, actually their parent which I think I heard correctly is Supra Energy?, and I mentioned after browsing the National Whistleblowers Center website, "I am the whistleblower of whistleblowers" which I dont think you would have any difficulty understanding.

The best so far from a "Washington Insider" who is now a consultant to the DOD and previously ran a Government NGO, was the following email she sent me yesterday:

"Well, there you go. No worries from my side. Tomorrow, as in Tuesday evening, I have a commitment re supper. More to come..."

She wrote me that at 9:09pm last night and I have heard nothing since.

The following was my last communication to her:

From: GaryStevenGevisser <[email protected]>
Subject: "Why lie, I need a whore"-Re: Love-Re: Lynne - This is Gary. Do I have the right email address?
Date: June 10, 2013 12:34:53 PM PDT
To: Lynn

Lynn - yes, maybe you should read it all a dozen times, although reading it once carefully you would know that I am talking about dinner tomorrow night.

When I read what you wrote, "You say you are" I of course laughed, and I am still smiling.

No, I cannot help you with your insurance needs other than try the Yellow pages or travel to the San Diego zoo and when the zoo keeper is not looking, hand the nicest monkey a single dart and place the Yellow pages in front of your face like this

As a point of reference, when "Our Man Roger" aka Roger W. Robinson joined the NSC in March 1982 right when Simon & Schuster were publishing Edward Jay Epstein's The Diamond Invention book

had he received the 2061 word communication I sent you earlier, and if he was in a meeting with President Ronald W. Reagan at the time, he would have dropped everything and asked me the critical question,

"How do I get De Beers to provide sufficient funding to my favorite NGO so that when I retire I could just retire to Del Mar and never have to play DOD politics ever again?"

It was in fact "Our Man Roger" and his partner Sec. of State James A. Baker III who all the Washington "insiders" that I knew at the time were "calling the shots" or so they thought, because in fact it was "Our Man Roger's" boss, David Rockefeller who was much more in charge, and David Rockefeller you notice is not in that photo of Putin and Nick Oppenheimer.

It is really not very hard for me to imagine you starting your next meeting at the DOD passing copies of that photo to all present and letting them know that you had sent a certified mail receipt to the White House.

BTW, David Rockefeller is, as you would expect had you my knowledge of the HEMP, mentioned in The Diamond Invention book.

What do you think he would say about me today to "Our Man Roger" assuming Rockefeller not only read Ch.13 - THE DIAMOND MIND which you access by clicking the hyperlink above, but saw how Harry Oppenheimer went about owning all of Madison Avenue without it costing him a penny, well before the first of the 6 million Jewish people were executed in De Beers-Rockefeller's 300 death factories where the likes of Hitler, Himmler, Hoess, Goerlng were at best, XXXXX XXXXX when compared to the largest profiteers whose heirs continue to thrive financially today far better than the homeless who don't all get the whore they desire most.

Currently, we have the assistant electrician back at the cabin putting….

Ps - most educated people when looking for the first time at the photo of photos that speaks for itself say, "It looks like two gentleman talking. The person on the left is Mr. Putin and the person on his right looks like the Foreign Minister of Israel or is it a rabbi; and while possibly confrontative, Putin is not talking, but he is listening."

When they connect the dots between Putin summoned to South Africa in early September 2006 just so that he can be photographed looking very skeptical at a man that 99.9999% of the world's Phds in the subjects history, economics, military & politics [HEMP] do not recognize and which Putin and Oppenheimer perfectly anticipated when Putin authorized the Kremlin to release the photo to the world's media 759 days later, October 3, 2008 and not a single Phd., politician, lawyer, and member of the main stream and non-mainstream media YET to utter even a one word public commentary, and Obama being the primary sponsor of the murder of 6 million Congolese that took place when his and George W. Bush's Congo Relief, Security & Democracy Promotion Act kicked in, it is my experience that without exception they all go instantly quiet or speak to distract.

It is brain numbing even without looking at how Putin the month before, November 1st to be precise, used nuclear poison to murder horribly a colleague KBG member at a crowded sushi bar in Piccadilly Circus and right before that had an unknown female journalist shot to death.

You must admit that Putin suddenly looks so much more civilized than the 3 Branches of the United States Government, and no wonder that he does not want to go down in history as the killer of the environment which is why he apparently had Sec. of State John Kerry clicking his heels for several hours at the Kremlin.

You must remember asking if I lecture at university? Would you know of someone at a recognizable university who would make it possible for me to lecture to their student body today?

Do you want us to pick you up tomorrow night? We are meeting at the restaurant at 6pm, midway between Del Mar and the cabin; that would mean picking you up at 5:30pm; better yet if we could have Zum and Mango play at the beach in front of 11th street for an hour if not more before.

As you can see I have all the time in the world.
I am not backing off of anything and I am sorry to say that at this point reading your long posts that go off the original topic of the post is costing me considerable amount of money (as in the legal business all we have to make money with is our time). I am afraid we have given you as much as we can within the scope and rules of this service regarding your case.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

You haven't forgotten that De Beers price the money you make, and that is not fair; and more people now know that thanks in no small measure to your correct conclusion:

"Every time I read the things you write to me about your case I wonder why I ever got involved in the practice of law."

I do not get paid by deBeers and will not engage in this type of conversation with you any longer as it has nothing to do with your question.

I believe we are done here as I have told you before I do not have to take abuse from you and will not do so and your long winded diatribes off of topic are becoming abusive together with your insinuations and allegations about me and our service.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I never said you worked for De Beers.

Nor did I say you get paid by De Beers.

What I said, and what I can back up, is that De Beers control the pricing of the money, which I have explained to you ad-nausea and which is the main reason why I haven't been able to get my justice in the US, and again which had you concluding, "Every time I read the things you write to me about your case I wonder why I ever got involved in the practice of law."

So before you again write nonsense that I am "abusive" blah blah, I have shared with a great many people your 25 words along with all the backup, and so far not one of them are in the least bit surprised; but what they all find amazing is that you would be so intellectually honest.

Of course none of these people are lawyers.

You explain also well that the reason you continue to practice law is because you do it for the money.

I understand that you are angry with yourself, but don't take it out on me.

Good day. I am no longer able to work with you. Best of luck.
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