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Can my new insurance policy cancel my policy effective 6/7/13.

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Can my new insurance policy cancel my policy effective 6/7/13. I had an inspection done and was advised of need for compliance to my 1929 home. Due to debri in yard, painting not up-to-date, etc. I had 30 days to comply. I had started the work. It is about $3,000 right now. I can't finish painting due to weather. I provided pictures of work already done as requested. I asked for a week extension. They state they are not going to rewrite my policy so I am cancelled effective 6/7/13 without any further consideration. I have paid out all of this money, none from them. Do I have any recourse?

You cannot win a lawsuit against your company. They have the right to cancel you written in the policy, so your only option is to select a new homeowners insurance company. There are any number who are advertising every night on TV for more business. You will have to convince the agent that your home's condition is not so bad that it should be uninsurable. Debris in the yard and painting usually won't do it, but vacancy will. When the home becomes occupied, you'll get new insurance.


I hope this information is helpful and that you will enter a positive rating. I thank you for submitting your question to Pearl-Just Answer. We appreciate your business. If you need clarification or additional information, please send me a Reply and I will be happy to explain further. Please consult a local attorney to verify the accuracy of this information according to your state's laws.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

First of all, I do not intend to sue. I know I won't win. But what I don't understand is why insurance companies use 18 page reports from companies contracted to do statistics for insurance underwriting. The home is not a foreclosure. I live there. I was routinely reviewed to have my coverage increased. This sounds more like a scam for the insurance companies to make money on their policy holders. They did not fail to take my automatic deduction out of my account. Now I will have to cancel both my car & home ins. The CLUE report may have done me some damage also. I had filed Bankruptcy to save my home.

I understand your answer is based upon what is presumed to be legally applicable to business conducted by insurance companies. However, my home is not vacant. I live there with a hefty mortgage. This puts me in jeopardy of the bank imposed insurance. This would increase my payment thru escrow. Also, the bank that owns my mortgage has recently come under fire for unfair insurance practices. All things are not black & white. Thank you for your time, but I will not be conducting any other questions with you.

I will just add that what you've experienced is now standard practice in the insurance industry. The carriers have taken such a huge beating on claims, both real and fake, they have constructed actuarial templates from anything and everything - condition of home, credit reports, etc.. and anything they can use to try to pinpoint the claims waiting to happen. It is so bad that we now see purchase agreements that contain contingency clauses that will let the buyer out if homeowners insurance can't be obtained. Such clauses were unheard of ten years ago. Good luck. We wish you the best.

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