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can an internet provider(Verizon) monitor/reject/label my email

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can an internet provider(Verizon) monitor/reject/label my email as SPAM(I am responding to a lady friend's e-mail); Verizon's systems administrator keeps on rejecting my E-mail saying it's SPAM because it has an attachment. I thought we (the people of the United States of America) had the right to communicate with out censorship(speech) we have the right to be secure in our own homes/beings (privacy) and we have the right to equal treatment under the law; can't tap a phone without a court order (then how can the system administrator (he/she) arbitrarily determine !) my response (I'm sending a e-mail response to my friends e-mail, that she sent to me first?) say it's spam and that if you e-mail your rejected e-mail to site X they would review it (though, they state they will never tell you what is wrong/how to correct it so it can be sent) and you could re-try sending your e-mail in 30 minutes to an hour; of course by sending your e-mail there(SPAN site; no - no your a bad person, you agree your sending spam!!). Likewise they have no supervisor for the system administrator, listed on their (VERIZON"S) home site or in the telephone book!

Thank you for your question.

Verizon has the right to label your email as spam. Your friend may need to switch email providers in order to receive the email with an attachment.

In regard to your legal point of having the right to communicate, this right is against the government, not a private corporation. Further, the right to communicate is based on the right to directly speak to another person or use the public mails. An internet service provider's email system is a private system to which this right does not apply.

In regard to equal protection under the law, again this is a right which applies to the government, not to private corporations.

In regard to tapping a phone, this is not the same circumstance. This email is coming through and triggering a computer program which identifies it as spam for whatever reason. They are not opening up your email and reading it, otherwise this would be illegal interception of a private electronic communication.

Private communications, such as this, are a matter of contract law. So if you are sending it to your friend's email account and her internet service provider will not let it through, then she needs to contact them as she is the customer.
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