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involves community services board that serves multiple counties(as

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involves community services board that serves multiple counties(as far as i know). My son has an mr waiver so in virginia he is qualified for the best medicaid program. Including 50 hours of in home aid. for two years they only had two applicants(mabey 3, and one who took the job. The one that took job attempted to kick my 14 yr old son- with severe autism and pica(now has severe pica severe autism and severe tourettes syndrome). They failed to provide us with reasonable services because for now he has swalloed gas and ingested (1-3)gallons of gas(my best guest knowing how quick he is and how he chug down liquids). They have failed to provide an aide and althoughwe try to watch 24 hours a day with two people its impossible.



I appreciate you requesting I assist with providing information for you in this regard


So the in home aid tried to harm your son? And you have proof of that?

And then they stopped the service?


Please tell me what information I can provide for you

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

it occured in our car and my wife, and daughter, witnessed it. I was out of state looking for new home. They supposedly continued to have one worker visit 1 or 2 months at a time to just witness seeing him,and most the time did not fill out any paperwork when they visited, which they said was required for him to keep his mr waiver slot(medicaid), our daughter who doesnt have a waiver doesnt qualify yet for health care in va.(last i checked-were moving now anyways) because of a pre-existing condition (HIGH FUNCTIONING AUTISM DISORDER), AND SHE LOST HER MEDICAID BECAUSE WE MAKE BARELY OVER THE LIMIT MABEY 10,000, WHICH IS VIRTUALLY ALL UNEARNED INCOME (SS DISABILITY, REG DISABILIITY, MOM IN LAWS GOV PENSION FROM FATHER IN LAW BEING A POSTAL WORKER). Do we have a case agaisnt agency for not, properly advertising position and not getting an aide or a complaint or something?



Thanks for that information


It is very hard to sue a state agency. The process involves first filing a petition to get the court's permission


If you want to get the service and benefits, which I suggest you will have a better shot at then you will want to contact your local elected representative to your State General Assembly. This is one of the things they do - assist constituents with problems of this nature that involve state agencies. And of course because they are elected and are paid with your tax dollars there is no fee to have them assist.


A law suit can happen but not feasible.


So if you want to contact your local state official you can click onto this link to find out who you Rep is and then call the office tomorrow and request to speak to a legislative aide and tell them how you need them to get involved

Please note that I can only answer what you ask and so if you have more questions or need clarification, please ask it here. Otherwise, I thank you in advance for a positive rating.

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