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My brother, an attorney, dropped a case of mine due to I have

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My brother, an attorney, dropped a case of mine due to I have Chronic Epstein Barr Virus which he told me was controversial regarding an automobile accident and a closed head injury I incurred in 1995. He is the one who came to me first, and after he sold me I agreed for him to be my attorney. I was out on disability due to the accident which effectively ruined my career as a computer programmer. In 1998 he interferred in my life after 1st asking me to sign a Medical Release form for my Primary Care Doctor whom was NOT treating me for Epstein Barr. Years later I found out my Doctor told him there was nothing physically wrong with me. BTW, Chronic Epstein Barr is an oncogenic virus which I told him about, and was basically repeating what the doctor whom first diagnosed me told me way back in 1987 when I first contracted the disease. I managed to get along until my automobile accident in 1995. I was also in pre-cancer lymphoma stages at the time.

I'm currently recovering from chemotherapy from April 8, 2011 due to testicular cancer. I found some documents my Mother received from my brother regarding an application for SS disability in 2007 that verified me as having CFS, CFIDS (both alternate names for my disease CEBV). Since that time he has maintained there is nothing wrong with me, yet, on the documents from SS is my brother's handwriting stating "Mom/Dad copy" so I KNOW he had this information in his hand. Furthermore, during the inquest by Social Security into my health I made it known I did not want my brother involved in my case, yet, somehow he obtained documents from Social Security about my case for disability which, of course, I was denied. All I ever saw was a document from SS stating that due to my being over 22 yrs of age that I was out of luck despite their having sent me to an Internist, and a Neuropsychologist both of whom verified my condition. My brother's interference has ruined our family. I found e-mails written by him saved by my Mother (hard-copy printed) stating a sibling rivalry (2011) he has accussing Mom of favoring her firstborn (myself).

I wish to know how to rescind the signed Medical Release from 1998 which my brother abused, and bring to the attention of whichever Powers That Be to order him to seek help. My intention is to first see a psychologist myself for the trauma this has caused me, and later bring him into therapy so that he may be healed. I feel his judgement is clouded, or he is cheating. If he is cheating I cannot imagine the damage this man is doing as he practices personal injury and medical malpractice in any way he can to win his trials. He has ruined my reputation and maligned my character amongst family and friends. I am on SSI at the moment for cancer, and recovery from chemotherapy. Had he not interferred in my life, instead of simply getting support from my parents, I feel I would have gotten help and would not be in the position I am today.

What should I do?

Hello and Welcome to JustAnswer, My name is XXXXX XXXXX my goal is to provide you with Excellent Service,


I am sorry to hear that your brother did not have your best interests at heart.


An individual who signs a Medical Release can have it rescinded at any time by simply telling the person to whom he gave the Medical Release that he was rescinding it. Since your brother will probably not like this idea and probably not cooperate, your next step is to have draft a Revocation of Medical Release, sign it and send it with a cover letter to your brother, stating in the cover letter that you hereby rescind and revoke any and all Medical Releases heretofore executed in his favor and that he is hereby prohibited from requesting or receiving any information on any medical condition you have, have had, or might have in the future.


In order to be on the safe side, you should send a cover letter and an original Revocation of Medical Release to all doctors, hospitals, and any other medical provider to whom your brother has, or may have sent the Medical Release, so that he cannot obtain any medical information or medical records on any of your medical conditions that you had in the past, may presently have, or may have in the future.






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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you Andrea,


That covers half of what I asked. How do I bring to "The Powers That Be" the knowledge of what has happened and order him to seek help. My suggestion in my original question was that I would enter into therapy under a psychologist for the trauma this has caused and wish to bring him into therapy with me later so that he may be healed.


Otherwise, I would have clicked "Low Priority, Low detail".


Kind regards,


Hi, Michael, I apologize for not addressing that issue,


There is no way that one individual can force another individual into therapy and no Court would order that. You do, however, have two alternatives. One is to report him to the Maryland Attorney Disciplinary Board; the other organization has anoffice in all 50 States and it helps attorneys who need help.


Let me look up the organization's address in Maryland and I will be back to you momentarily,



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you, Andrea.


Upon your response you will, of course, receive the highest possible rating I can give you. Your information so far is invaluable to me, and has been well worth the $54. Documents will be drafted by me, and a willing attorney in my area, and once in hand they will be shown to my brother to allow him to make his choice. He either drops into my therapy session, or I drop the documents in the mail.


It will be, as you say, his choice.


I await your response.



Hello, again, Michael,


The first link below is the Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission. They discipline attorneys in response to formal Complaints filed by the public. However, if the attorney has a problem such as depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, and any other type of addiction, or the attorney is suffering from stress or anxiety, the Disciplinary Board will hold off making any decision, or even dismiss the Complaint, if the attorney takes their suggestion and seeks help. So, although even the Disciplinary Board cannot force anyone into therapy, their ultimate authority over attorneys gives them a very strong power of persuasion,



In Maryland, the lawyers' organization which gives help to lawyers in need of this type of help is called the "Maryland Lawyers' Assistance Program". I am providing the link below. Please pay careful attention to the names and telephone numbers on the left, in the yellow margin. These organizations exist in all 50 States and their 800 numbers are usually attended by live people, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,



By the way, any deposit you placed is with JustAnswer, not with me. I just wanted to let you know so you do not think I am holding your money, or anything like that :)





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Andrea, Esq. and 5 other Legal Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you, Andrea.


Your responses to me I feel have been quite thorough, and I am pleased with the information I have received. You have also given me something that I feel will remove alot of weight from my shoulders, and given me hope that our family may once again become a family as it should be: providing my brother will be willing to seek help.


Your additional advice regarding how to handle this is most appreciated.


Thank you for taking the time to help people over the weekend. I hope it is that you will be able to enjoy what is left of it. If it helps you to know this, this is perhaps the best help I have received in the last 26 years.


Thank you for being you, and may you never have to experience first hand the hardships that others experience while asking for your help.


Love and Light,



Ps: now to give you what I promised.

It may be I could be back to ask questions about Dad in the near future. I will ask for you, unless you feel wrongful death, and prescribing of off-label medications is beyond your expertise.


Once again, my many thanks. Bless you.


Dear XXXXX, You are most welcome


Thank you for the "Excellent Service" rating and the Bonus, it was both kind and generous of you and I appreciate it greatly. Please feel free to ask for me in the future and you can do so by typing my name at the beginning of your question, like this,


"For Andrea only .......... "


I have a general practice, but here on JustAnswer, they assign us certain categories in order to evenly distribute the questions and nobody has to wait long for their question to be answered. The categories assigned to me are the following:


Legal, Real Estate Law, Employment Law, Consumer Protection Law, Personal Injury Law, and Traffic Law.


Thank you also for your compliments, although I feel they are undeserved. And, believe me, I have experienced much more than I let people know. So, know that I do understand and appreciate your pain,


Kindest Regards,





Customer: replied 4 years ago.



At the time I asked you this first original question I had paid $54 for a one-time question/answer session. When I attempted to give you additional ratings I received a message that $54 additional dollars would be paid by me in order to do so.


Since then, I opted for a $15 dollar upgrade to unlimited questions for a 7-day trial period at the end of which time I will be billed another $54 for a month's worth of being able to ask unlimited questions. I have no problem with this: simply filling in detail.


Today I asked a question(s) of Dr. Rick. He brought to my attention that I needed to rate him every time I see ratings icons. There were several of these during our sessions which I did go back and eventually responded with an "excellent" rating about 4 times.


What upsets me is that when I came back to do the same for you, since I didn't understand at first and thought I was only supposed to rate one time at the end after I was satisfied, I am unable to give you those same additional ratings unless I pay $54 more. I think this is unfair to you so I wished to document something that you may forward to the proper place to get your ratings boosted if you choose to do so.


Hopefully, since I have asked you a second question after upgrading my account that the software controlling this system will not have this limited ability.


So, my apologies to you, and once again, thank you for helping me.


Best wishes,



Hi, Michael, Apology accepted, but there is no need for you to ever apologize for something which was beyond your control. Thank you for your very kind and complimentary words. I cannot bring your praises to JustAnswer's attention, it is wholly up to the customer. By the way, you are the second customer to make this comment to me in the last few days. On rating the expert, that confuses customers also for a couple of reason; first, we know that the law does not always support our position or gives us the result we want, so the customer is supposed to rate the service that the expert gave the customer, not whether the Expert gave an answer which the customer wanted to hear. Unfortunately, customers will give a Poor or Bad Service rating because the customer did not get the answer he was hoping for. So, the Expert is penalized with these negative ratings, does not get credit, nor does the Expert get paid, simply because the Expert gave a correct answer to the customer. Second, if the customer is asking several different questions (not follow up questions for clarification) and the Expert answers each one, he or she will not receive credit or payment for each question answered unless the customer rates the Expert's service.


As for your account, the Experts do not have access to any customer's account, nor do we have knowledge of any special program which JustAnswer might have offered to the customer, and we are not permitted to comment on any program. (Actually, we could not comment, even if we wanted to, because we do not know any details of any programs offered, lol.


The site has been experiencing some technical difficulties and sometimes (many times) we have trouble trying to get back into a question to either ask the customer for more information, or to post an Answer, but since I was able to access this question, I want to apologize for any delay in responding to your second question. I am researching that question and I will post this same comment there also for your reference,


See you in the next Question Page, Michael,




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