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There is a lot to explain to get the most succinct answer possible.

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There is a lot to explain to get the most succinct answer possible. I had a truck that needed a new engine. I family friend said he could fix in on his own time at the shop he worked for. After giving him money for the parts($800) he proceeded to fix my truck. He told me the truck was done so I took another sum of money to him which he requested I meet him at a local automotive store. I gave him another $500, I got my keys, and picked up my truck later that night. I find out he had been trespassed off of the property by the owner of the shop. I did not worry about it since I had gone through my family friend on his own time. A few days ago, the shop owner came to my workplace wanting money. After explaining that my mechanic said he did the repair on his own time and I was dealing directly with my mechanic, I explained that the shop owner would have to go after my mechanic. The shop owner explained that his parts were now in my truck and that he would put a lien on my truck for more money. Now, I never signed any authorization to the actual shop to work on my truck. All my dealings were with my family friend through verbal agreements. Can the shop owner put a lien on my truck even though I did not authorize the shop? If my mechanic used parts that he wasn't supposed to am I receiving stolen property?

Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you with your concerns. To best answer your concerns please allow me to work backwards and answer your last questions first.

First of all, having parts put into your vehicle that were stolen or at least improperly obtained is indeed 'receiving stolen goods'. Regardless of whether or not you were an honest victim here, receiving parts that did not belong to you (and did not belong to the mechanic) still permits the original owner to pursue either the initial party and the ultimate receiver for the items. He can demand that you remove the items and give them back or pay you for them, provided he can prove that the parts were indeed his.

As fr the lien, that is tricky. Arguably by using the shop, the shop owner can claim that it made the repairs 'his' as his tools, his property, and his employee was facilitating the work. By that logic he could justify a lien even if he himself was not the initial party to the work. In this case pursuing this family friend wold be in your and in the shop owner's best interest as it appears that he defrauded both of you in this transaction.

Good luck.

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