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New friend wanted to park 2 cars in my fathers in probate airplane

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New friend wanted to park 2 cars in my fathers in probate airplane hanger. I am disabled vet 100% disabled with PTSD and depression. I the Dependent administrator. During a trip to Austin, when I returned to Dallas , there was an engine lift installed and an auto repair business rumming in the hanger. Thwre were at least 10 crashed vehicles on property and homeowners threatening lawsuits. I told him to remove all of it and leave my private property. He said he was gonna be there For a long time. He said he had a lease. I told him to go and I went to court house to get proof of
My letter of adm. To sell property. When I returned I was locked out and the doors to the hanger from apt were nailed shut! I broke a door down and was met by this man pushing me out the door. I called police. When they came try did not believer Bout events. He had his girlfriend that collaborated story. I was so humiliated that they would not hear my side. That its my property Bd he doesn't belong here. They said he had a lease and he had a right to lock it up. I live inside the hanger in a camper and he locked me from access to my camper and property. They told me they would arrest me if j interfere in his business again. The police were called 9
Times in 3 days and not one deputy would believe me after talking to him. He changed his story
From 6 months all the way
To 2
Lease of entire property! With all of my belongings removed immediately. I never signed a lease so when he went home, I locked himh out. The next day he had an writ of reentry. Allowing him back! He tore up and stole spany things and I could do nothing while he did what he pleased. I was told I would be arrested if the popo came back. I called attorney and they had hearing to show cause. He produced a feaudulant lease with forged signature, stating he rents it for 2 years for his business for 300 dollars per month and landlord pays all utilities,(1200.00 mo. ) and landlord or family not allowed on property. The judge ruled in my favor and he was gone. I thought. Today, he texted me that I [email protected] him out of 15000 dollars incoming costs and missed work. I told him he lost so he cost himself for trying to screw a disabled guy. He told me that either I pay him or he contacts my wife(he never met and im bitter divorce custody battle 240 miles away) in Austin and become her best friend. And if I pay him he will go away. Otherwise its gonna get bad. Is this extortion? Is this crime? The deputies tell me aGain its a civil matter and they can't do anything. I'm appalled and I'm shock. When did they Llow extortion or bribery to become a civil matter in Texas? Do I have any recourse? Or just do like the cop said. Pay him to not talk to wife or don't pay him. ?


RayAnswers :

Thanks for your question and good morning.My sympathy here for your situation and dilemma.

RayAnswers :

You certainly should not pay them anything.You can consider a civil suit here for your damages from this matter as owner of the property.You may well have good facts to pursue this person in small claims or county court here in Texas/

RayAnswers :

A civil suit on behalf of the estate would be your remedy if the police here will not intervene.


You can sue in small claims here up to $10k yourself..


Self help..


Free forms..



I am so sorry that you are having to go through all of this.Certainly you have remedies in a civil suit in small claims or county county court for lost rent, and other physical damages.You can seek judgment here for all including filing fees.



I appreciate the chance to help you today.Please let me know if you have more follow up.Thanks again.




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You may want to contact your local District Attorney here about the extortion case.It is a crime here in Texas in addition to your civil suit.

I cannot see paying this person anything.You may want to consider a civil suit in addition to contacting your local District Attorney.

Thanks again.