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Well I thought I could add a bonus of my choice...but it wont rollove

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Well I thought I could add a bonus of my choice...but it won't let me give more than $5. At any rate...since I have nothing better to do on Memorial Day and my crazy boss at the bank is already sending me work for the last notary question: There
has been an increase in the number of notarization requests for travel to Mexico, unfortunately, there are cases in which the person needing notarization has let their drivers license expire. I have reviewed the remedies for this in the Civil Codes...and have
been accepting affidavits by people who are credible (in my opinion) but of whom I am not sure would fall into the category of "personally known" if the term "personally" is something which can actually be defined. I understand the spirit of the remedy and
what the legislature is trying to do as far as create a limitation so notaries don't go crazy wild notarizing without proper documentation. However, I also understand there is a greater good by providing the notarization in order for a mother to take her children
to visit their grandparents. Is there a Risk of losing business by providing the notarization on the signed affidavit of a credible witness as long as the witness has proper identification, and has some measure of credibility without being a member of my inner
circle of friends?
I do not know why it would not let you add the bonus of your choice, but I am notifying Customer Service about it. Thank you for letting me know.
Thank you for your new question.
The risk of not knowing the person who is vouching for the person with expired ID is that the person could still be lying about the identity of the other person and an affidavit will not change that. As long as the notary makes diligent effort to verify the identity and credibility of the parties (both the party with the expired ID and the party vouching for them) then this is what the Notary is required to do. Most notaries will simply refuse and from what I have seen they really do not lose much business as the people without ID are told it cannot be done and they must go get valid ID and most all of them do so.
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