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Hi. Im in MD and am wondering how to be removed from consideration

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Hi. I'm in MD and am wondering how to be removed from consideration for my 18-year-old's college education. I am not going to be assisting, but the Dept of Ed seems to think I've got over $2K a month to throw at his bills (precluding him from any aid). I know emancipation is for minors under the age of majority--I don't know how to get this done for an adult "child." Thank you.
Thank you for your question.

Actually, the federal government’s eyes, ALL students are considered primarily responsible for funding their higher education. However, the government also recognizes that most parents contribute financially on some level. (Maybe not by paying the entire tuition, but even simply providing housing, food, or other expenses while their children study.)

Taking this into account, the government applies two different standards for students - one for dependent students and one for independent students. (Independent students being those who are assumed to have no parental support at all.)

If, as in the case of your child, a student does not meet the certain criteria to be declared an independent student for the purposes of the FAFSA, then there is one other option available: Dependency Review.

Students may attempt to change their status by filing a Dependency Review Form, which can be requested directly from the school. Each student applying for this exception must also provide documentation explaining their unique situation. Their case is then reviewed by a committee or financial aid office at the college, and a determination is made as to whether or not to allow the exception.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you! Just to be clear, there is no action I can take with a court at this point to remove this adult child from consideration as a dependent of mine (in the eyes of the Federal Government for student loan/aid purposes) until he is 24?


I'm looking through the college's page for a Dependency Override form right now.


I appreciate your help.




Correct, an emancipation action would have had to been filed before he turned 18.

That is to say, once a student turns 24, their status changes automatically to independent. There is nothing that will have to be filed with the court at that time.

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