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I received mail today from all different attorneys advising

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I received mail today from all different attorneys advising me of a charge of impersonating an officer and giving a false statment to a police officer; i then looked on the maryland jurisdiction site and I have an active case in anne arundel county for the charges I stated above but I never received any court papers. what is going to happen to me?
Thanks for the chance to help. I am an attorney with over 12 years experience. Hopefully I can help you with your legal question.

Sorry...not sure I want to know the possible punishment for False Statement and Impersonating a Police Officer?

Or do you have some other question?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes I want to know the punishment and what to expect next beings I havent received any court papers. will I be arrested or will they just serve court papers?

THank you

Can you tell me is there anything to this? Were you arrested by law enforcement? Or involved in some situation that could have led to these charges?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I was not arrested but what happened was my daughter got into a little scuffle with a little girl her age 13 and the parents involed themselves in the matter and I ran over to difuse the situation and I told the people that I was a cop for another county and when the cops arrived they told the cops what I said and the cop then questioned me about it and asked for credentials I then told the cop that I did not have any credentials but I did know my old badge number and I gave her the police department number and cheifs name; a few days later three officers came to my house asking to see credentials and I told them I did not have credentials as stated days prior. now I see I have a case in the maryland data base for impersonating a police officer and giving false statement

Ahh...thank you

I see.

Lets start with the law

MD law (§ 3-502) states

(b) Impersonating police officer prohibited.- A person may not, with fraudulent design on person or property, falsely represent that the person is a police officer, special police officer, sheriff, deputy sheriff, or constable.

The maximum punishment is 2 years in jail and a fine of $2000

For the false statement that is found at (§ 9-501)

(a) Prohibited.- A person may not make, or cause to be made, a statement, report, or complaint that the person knows to be false as a whole or in material part, to a law enforcement officer of the State, of a county, municipal corporation, or other political subdivision of the State, or of the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Police with intent to deceive and to cause an investigation or other action to be taken as a result of the statement, report, or complaint.

(b) Penalty.- A person who violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction is subject to imprisonment not exceeding 6 months or a fine not exceeding $500 or both.

So you can be prosecuted, put into jail

That said, if you have no prior arrests/convictions? Then I would not expect you to do ANY jail time. Much more likely probation and perhaps a fine.

But you are facing a potential felony you will want to have an attorney assist you navigating this through the court. They can help you negotiate a plea agreement, minimize the charges and, most likely avoid any jail time

Let me know if you have more questions..happy to assist if I can

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

the problem is mr simmons I did not tell the officer that I am currently an officer I stated I was an officer and I gave her the chiefs name and number to confirm what I said to her. but beings I have a summons for these charges my next question is are they coming to arrest me?

So the charges are not valid? That is, you are an officer, and you told this person that?

If so, then it seems to me you have little to worry about.

If you did not lie to the person or the police, then you did not commit a crime.

Are they coming to arrest you? No way for me to tell you that...but what you describe, if you are a law enforcement officer, even if they do, you have little to worry about. I would expect the charges to be dismissed once the prosecutor learns of your status.

If you want to know the status, contact the court tuesday and ask them...they will tell you if you have a pending case or not

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I was an officer I am no longer an active officer is what im trying to explain and I told the officers that but they took it as I was saying I am a cop still. however am I still at risk of receiving a criminal record even though I was once a sworn in officer or will this case be dismissed?

Ahhh...that makes it more complex.

The law is clear

A person may not, with fraudulent design on person or property, falsely represent that the person is a police officer, special police officer, sheriff, deputy sheriff, or constable.

So if you led them to believe you were a current officer? That is a crime.

If this was simply a mistake (you told them that you used to be an officer and they were confused) that is not a crime

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

it is a simple misunderstanding what I communicated to them was that I was an officers and I guess they took it as I am currently a officer, however beings they've submitted a case number XXXXX the 22 of may shouldnt I have received some form of documents from the court by now

I agree with you, it sounds like a misunderstanding. And they (the state) must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt...tough to do with misunderstanding.

As for documents from the court? Yes...I would expect the court to notify you by mail of your court date. But never underestimate bureaucratic inefficiency. Plenty of reasons why the notice can be delayed

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

so will this charge result into a possible felony on my record if they find me guilty or is it major fines I will have to pay even if I produce documents stating I was a sworn in officer and by no means was I trying to mislead the officers

If you can prove you were not trying to mislead the officers, I expect you to be found not guilty.

If they convict you (if they do not believe you at trial), it is potentially a depends on how it is charged.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you Mr. Simmons this is all just very upsetting because now my life career and future is on the line behind a simple fight between two kids and a statement that was taken out of context. so over all I have to attain a lawyer to fight this matter for me to show I was not trying to persuade the officers into a decisson nor was I trying to mislead right? in your professional experience how do you think this case will turn out on my behalf?

Yes. You need a question about that.

But what you describe? It sure sounds like a misunderstanding. Again, if that is the case, that is not a crime. But a lawyer is need someone who can prepare and present your case to the court to make sure that your case is properly presented.

What you describe? I would think you have a great chance to beat this...but get a good lawyer to assist you.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

do you know of a lawyer you can refer me to thats really good and reasonable in pricing to beat this case?

I am not allowed to provide a personal referral...that would violate the terms of service of this website. Sorry.

But I can point you here

to find a qualified lawyer
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