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I had jaw surgery for a malocclusion in 94 and 95. It was never

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I had jaw surgery for a malocclusion in 94 and 95. It was never a good job and know my face is lopsided I biter my lips when I eat and I am loosing teeth because they did enough tissue to hold. Since it looks like its past limitation is there any chanc or another attic.
Thank you for your question.

I am sorry to hear about your circumstances. Unfortunately, from a legal standpoint, the honest answer is that as you noted the statute of limitations for any type of claim has run its course. Texas has a strict 2 year time period to file a claim, and in no case more than 10 years from the time an injury occured under what is known as a statute of repose. A statute of repose is a law that specifies a strict date after which a cause of action disappears, even if the injury has not yet been discovered, which absolutely eliminates a plaintiff’s right to sue after the deadline. Given when your surgeries took place, your claim would be barred by a court of law.

I wish I could tell you otherwise.
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