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I have been working with consumer law council, which was my

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I have been working with consumer law council, which was my first mistake. I originally signed a contract with meracord for payment. in march my meracord account was closed and now my payment is going to a different payor service that I don't know and don't have a signed contract with. am I legally obligated to continue to make payment to a company I do not have a signed contract with? I would like to get out of the contract with consumer law council, since I have discovered they are a shady business.
thank you for your help.

beth akkoul

Hello, Beth, and Welcome to JustAnswer, My name is XXXXX XXXXX my goal is to provide you with Excellent Service,



1. In what State do you reside ?

2. Is Consumer law council a credit counseling-type of service ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I live in ny. I thought it was a law office experienced in dealing with credit cards. I think I got roped into a bad situation. now one credit card has charged off and my credit score has tanked.

Hi, Beth, Thank you for your additional information,


Let me get some information for you that will help,

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok thank you.

Hi, Beth, Thank you for your kind patience,


There are a lot of scams like this claiming that they will help consumers reduce their credit card debt but they do not deliver any of their promises.


Ordinarily, if it were a legitimate organization which sold their business and assigned their accounts to the buyer of the business, , you would have to pay to their designated Assignee. However, that would be if they were really legitimate and they were actually forwarding part of your payment to each of your credit card accounts. If one of your accounts was charged off, that would tell me that they have not been paying on your accounts and worse still, you will now be receiving constant telephone calls from collection agencies who buy charged off accounts. You should stop paying these people and immediately report them to several government agencies for investigation and prosecution which I have listed below. You should also include how much you have paid them to date and if you do not recall, put an approximate amount.


1. The Federal Trade Commission is the Federal "consumer watchdog" and their complaint form can be filed online. You should always follow up with telephone calls to check on the status of your Complaint,




2. New York State Department of State, Division of Consumer Affairs:




3. The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs:




4. The New York State Attorney General's Office:






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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok thank you for that info, but this company claims to be a group of lawyers that are working to eliminate my credit card debt due to unfair practices. the money I am paying is their fee to do this, not money being sent to my credit cards.

I was paying meracord but they closed my account. I have a signed agreement with meracord but not with this new pay service. do I legally have to continue to pay consumer law council if they changed this without my knowledge?

I apologize but your facts are a bit confusing. I had asked you if this was a credit counseling type of service.


1. Are you saying that "Consumer Law Council" is a group of lawyers who are supposed to eliminate your credit card debt without paying anything to the credit card companies ?


2. Had Meracord promised you the same thing ?


3. If your account was closed while you were still with Meracord, how did Consumer Law Council get your account ?



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

im sorry for the confusion. they imply that they have lawyers that are working my case, but when I ask to speak to one of them they say they are not available. and yes I have cards that they changed my available credit and increased my interest rate with no notification.



meracord was the company that was collecting the monthly fee. the account was closed in march. I can not find out whether meracord closed the account, or consumer law council did. but apparently my monthly payment is going to a company I don't know and there is no contract with this new contract.


consumer law council is the "lawyer group" that said they would eliminate my debt because of un fair practice.


I hope this additional information helps.


I'm thinking I need to get out of this but am not sure how or if I even can.

Beth, Here is what I see going on. Neither the Consumer Law Council, nor the people who answer the telephone are working in your best interests, neither are they protecting your credit status. If they are taking your money each month, these lawyers (If they really are lawyers) would be working for you and they would speak to you when you call to find out the status of your accounts. It is not so strange that they do not take your calls, or return your calls when you leave messages because they are not working for you.


It is a gross msrepresentation to tell you that they will eliminate your credit card debt, regardless of the reason they gave you. If a credit card company engages in unfair business practices, charges excessive amounts of interest, or engages in other illegal business activities, they will be penalized by the Courts by prohibiting them from charging usurious interest rates and ordering them to return to their credit card holders the excessive amounts they collected. I have yet to see a Court Ordering any credit card company to forfeit money that they have actually advance to their credit card holders.


For example, assume a credit card company was charging a usurious rate of interest and made misleading statements to its card holders. Assume a credit card holder charged $10, 000 worth of merchandise. Assume also that because of the usurious rate of interest, the card holder's balance was $25,000, one and one-half times the amount of the merchandise the customer had charged. If the credit card holder sued the credit card company, the Court could Order the credit card company to forfeit all interest ($15,000). The customer would still have to pay back the amount they charged when they purchased their merchandise, otherwise all of the credit card company's customers would be getting their purchases for free, a literal impossibility,


So, you see, the promises they made to you would never be achieved. As I said in my previous Answer, if this were a legitimate credit counseling company, they would be taking part of you payment each month and using the rest to pay down your debt. By taking all of your payments each month for themselves, they have had one of your credit card accounts charged off. This simply means that thecredit card company would not be the one coming after you for payment, but rather, it would be the collection company to whom your account was sold that would be coming after you.


Because these scammers running these companies do not make their identity known, it is difficult for the average consumer to fight them and get their money back. That is why I suggested contacting the agencies I listed in my previous Answer and which remains the same. Do not make any further payments to XXXXX and immediately report this company to the agencies which I listed I my previous Answer. If these people are holding themselves out to the public as lawyers, then you must also immediately file a formal Complaint to the New York Attorney Disciplinary Board. Please click on the link I have provided to go to their website for their contact information and to file the formal Complaint online if you wish,






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