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I have someone that owes me money in another state. How do

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I have someone that owes me money in another state. How do I pursue legal action?

Thank you for your question.

If a person who owes you money will not respond to your attempts to collect from them, your only alternative is to sue them in court.

In your case, the person is in a different state. So there are several things I need to know from you to help you further:

1. On what legal ground do you believe the person owes you money?

2. Do you have a written agreement with this person?

3. Is this related to a business transaction which the person performed in your state?

4. Do you know the current physical address of the person?

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I sent 400.00 in good faith for a puppy that was three weeks old. Pup was to be evaluated at 8 weeks of age to see if it was breed / show quality. After I place my deposit I was never updated on the pup. Eight weeks has passed the pup is 10 weeks old and I just get excuses about why I have not been updated. The puppy should have been in possession by this time. I have my cancelled check and pay pal receipt showing my payments to her to hold the pup. She never sent me a written agreement. This is a business transaction that took place over the phone. I live in Virginia and she lives in Arizonia. Yes, I do have a physical address for her.

The first thing you need to do is send her a formal demand letter by certified mail. In the letter you need to state that you are demanding a return of all the money that you paid her because she has breached the contract. Tell her that if she does not return the money to you within 30 days, you will file suit against her and will contact the Arizona Attorney General for interstate fraud.

Next, if she does not send you the money, you need to contact the AZ attorney general's office to report her, as this is a violation of the AZ Pet Purchaser Protection Laws.

The Attorney General may not act in your case (sometimes they simply don't do anything) in which case you would need to actually file a suit against her in AZ to get the money, most likely.

How did you find out about her? Does she sell to other people in VA that you are aware of?
TexLaw and other Legal Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
She is well known in the breed and show world for her dogs I thought she had an immpeccable reputation no one had ever said anything negative. But now after the fact several other breeders are coming forward and admitting that she has done this before and very hard to get along with and bullies buyers when they question her. Basically I met her through our breed specific clubs online.
Ok. That means you will likely have to sue her in AZ if it comes down to it.

The best thing you can do is send the letter to her to see if she will comply with your demand and to contact the AZ attorney general. If she is a well known breeder, then the AG may take action.

Please let me know if you have any further questions. Please also kindly consider rating my answer positively so that I am compensated by the website for my work on your question. Rating positively does not cause an additional charge and does not prevent us from further discussing your questions.

Best Regards,

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