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Is the Award Notification Commission a real business?

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Is this a real business? Award notification commission/ Award Assessment Division- Official Records and Contact-Financial Matters-PO. Box 2905 Kansas City, KS 66110

The business name is "Award Notification Commission"?

JACUSTOMER-8nm1i8is- :
Yes that is the name. I received an sweepstake drawing for $14.98 from them

Brandon M. :
$14.98? That's an incredibly small prize!
To start, I would point out that there is no business registered with the state of Kansas under the name "Award Notification Commission", or anything similar to to that name. You are invited to check for yourself through the Kansas Secretary of State's website:
But it's possible that it is filed locally as a fictitious business entity. If you can wait a moment, I'll run a check to rule out that possibility (not likely, but just in case).
I performed a search and I also could not find a "Award Notification Commission" listed in Wyandotte County (Kansas City), Kansas.

JACUSTOMER-8nm1i8is- :
Thanks! I have other legal can I retain your services for an accident that occurried on March 04, 2013 in Virginia Beach, Va.

Brandon M. :
Unfortunately, the terms of the website's services actually prohibit me from contacting customers except through the website, but I can answer any questions that you may have through the website, and I can help you find an attorney in Virginia Beach upon request.

JACUSTOMER-8nm1i8is- : Car Accident

Brandon M. :
The Joynes & Gaidies law firm is the city's biggest auto accident firm.

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