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my dad is a 93 year old wwII vet, being sued by a convalescent

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my dad is a 93 year old wwII vet, being sued by a convalescent home. I moved in with him to take care of him. The house is in his and my mom's name. My mom is deceased. how should i handle this? My dad has alzheimer's disease. How can I handle this when we can't afford to pay the 12000 dollars which I believe is 6000 more than he hould be charged? He doesn't know what's going on.
If he is living in his home why is he being sued by the convalescent home?
Please explain what the issue is in the suit.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
he's living in his home; i am taking care of him. I have to hire a caregiver,pay for medical supplies plus his miscellaneous items he needs to make things easier. he now only has one leg.
I understand but why is he being sued by the home and for what? I'm trying to figure out the basis of the suit.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
he stayed a month longer than medicare would pay for. i was told the charge wwould be 6000 dollars a month. now that they're sueing it's 12000 dollars.
Dear JACUSTOMER - If your father has dementia he obviously cannot represent himself in court and if you are not an attorney you cannot represent him. You are not responsible for his debts so no one can take anything from you and if your father has no assets there is nothing from which they can collect. Once he passes away they can file a claim against his estate if they have a judgment but at this point the only thing you could do to contest the suit would be to hire an attorney and that would cost a lot of money. I'm not certain why they are suing for twice the amount but you can call the attorney and ask how they are arriving at the amount or, if your father has any money to offer a settlement you could offer to pay the amount you believe you owe. It's not a crime to owe money or have a judgment so the only problem will be when your father passes away and there is a claim on his estate. Unless you can talk to the attorney for the home and try to work out some settlement there is really nothing you can do personally to solve the problem since you are not the defendant of the suit.
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