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Category: Legal
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I changed my date on my doctors excuse because I was still

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I changed my date on my doctors excuse because I was still not comfortable going back to work, the bank had caught that I changed the date on the paper, will I be arrested for just changing the date I'm really concerned

WALLSTREETLAW : Hello I am a licensed attorney. I am here to help answer your questions. Please do not hesitate to ask for clarification
WALLSTREETLAW : This is an unfortunate situation,
WALLSTREETLAW : This is not a criminal offense, and if anything it would be considered "misconduct",
WALLSTREETLAW : which would cause you to be terminated for cause,
WALLSTREETLAW : and potentially deny you unemployment benefits.
WALLSTREETLAW : If the Doctor, pressed charges, or if you signed your doctors name, that may be an issue,
WALLSTREETLAW : but not what you did,
Customer: I did not sign doctors name just switch the date from the 8th to the 18 because I was going to a surgeon after and they did not give me my doctors excuse I have a follow up with the surgeon tomorrow
WALLSTREETLAW : That is not criminal,
WALLSTREETLAW : if the employer discovered the matter, you can be terminated for cause,
WALLSTREETLAW : but no criminal issue is here
Customer: Okay thank you so much I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to be arrested for the matter I wasn't able to return to work I was in a cast with a broken arm and they needed the doctors excuse so I just went with the excuse med express had given me with the doctor also telling me to pick the date I wanted to go back which at the time before I saw a specialist was going to be the 8th but then I had to get more X-rays and an MRI and was placed in a cast so I decided to change it to the 18th because I was unable to fulfill my duties at work
WALLSTREETLAW : You may want to ask your doctor to submit a note stating that you cannot work until the 18th as well,
WALLSTREETLAW : so you can argue that no harm was done,
WALLSTREETLAW : If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.
Customer: Yes I return tomorrow and will have the doctor give me the excuse that I needed thank you again
WALLSTREETLAW : good luck, and if satisfied with our service please provide us with positive feedback, thank you
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