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Hi I am pretty sure I have tried this before and had know

Customer Question

I am pretty sure I have tried this before and had know luck but my time is running out and I still need help!
My husband went to work he told the people he worked with he didnt feel right,They thought he was having a stroke they never called 911 or my self they laid him on a pool table for 45 minutes after he had fallen off a stool and defecated him self they cleaned him up served him booze,he was heard asking them to call his wife they had my number and we lived 3 blocks away,I found him dead in my basement!my husband didnt use the basement bathroom hadn't in almost 4 months.I do not think he died at my house.I think he died in the bar and after they loaded his truck with all his belongings someone drove him home and placed him in my basement too many things dont add up i have had heard rumors of a bar fight the night before!to be honest he stayed the night at the bar on a futon in the back room they tossed it out the day he died! His body looked as if he had been beaten he suffered a lot of blunt force trama to the head and torso and hands.the lawyers say i dont have a case because my husband died of alcholizam and was 54 and retired! there is alot more to this!but the fact is he stayed were he worked no one called 911 he laid there choking and gasping for air for hours no one called me they told police they thought he was having a stroke he defecated hi self they cleaned him up and gave him a beer who does that! I am a emotional wreck I had to close my boutique I had to quit a job i had for 15 years fire trucks scare the hell out of me I hear them coming and my body shakes,I have been harrassed by people who live in my town they came to my house telling me and my daughter its not the bars fault DAVE had a death wish,Dave fell off the bar 3 weeks before his death the bar said it happened at my house the cops came back to my house and looked at my gutters and talked to my neighbors and no one seen hi on my roof! this is a mess and it didnt help when Dave estranged daughters who he had not seen in 15 years came to Wisconsin and went to the bar were i was bad mouthed and ripped a part by the owners the life insurance papers or will had been lost so the life insurance was in his 2 wife's name i was the 4 together 15 years i spoke to her she was going to give it to me she had spoke to dave when we first got together and to told her it had been changed but after talking to his step children she changed her mind and gave it the first wife,this bar has ruined my life!
I have spent about 10 years in therapy trying to deal with my husbands drinking he wasnt abusive and had medical problems but he was a hard worker and he took care of his family he was my best friend and now he is gone because he didnt get the medical help he needed,we didnt get to say goodbye to him that was taken away from us.I asked to see the video tape from the bar showing me Dave walked out the door on his own but they wouldn't show me and the cops wouldn't help me out! Dave didnt want to die alone that was one of his biggest fears and I didnt want to find him dead in fact i has many issues with that! My husband is not the only person they did wrong too I have a list of people and families who have been affected by there wrong doings,please i need justice for my husband and my time is running out!
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 4 years ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking.

I am so sorry to hear of the tragic circumstances surrounding your husband's death. Unfortunately, we as attorneys do not make up the facts and evidence a customer has and we have to deal with what they provide to us.

What have the attorneys you have contacted told you about your case? What did the coroner's report on the death state?

You said it was his employer, but then you said he was retired and was retired and was in a bar when this happened, which was it?

Please understand that the site rules forbid us representing anyone from this site, so if you are seeking legal representation we cannot provide that to you by law and site rules. Thank you for understanding.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
my husband retired from gm after working 30 years,he then took a job
cleaning a bar!
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 4 years ago.
Thank you for your response.

How long ago did this happen?

Was an autopsy conducted? What was the findings of the coroner?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
My husband passed away almost 3 years ago may 24 2010 I have been looking for a lawyer this whole time,there was an autopsy done they said he died of alcoholism! plus he had breathing issues that required treatments as well as inhalers!My husband choked and gasp for air for hours getting no help,these people were not only his co workers but his friends as well!the results also showed a lot of blunt force trauma to head and torso bruises all over his body you don't get hurt like that falling off a bar stool!as far as being in my bathroom in the basement he stopped going down there about 3 months before he died he had bad feet with pins and screws in them and the steps were too much!Dave would have come home and laid in the living room and took a breathing treatment not walk down 13 steps to use the shower when we have a bathroom on the first floor.They also said they had know idea how he got home,His truck was loaded with all his belongings from the bar he did a lot of cooking so he had pans ect and the seat was pushed all the way back my husband was a short man he could have never of driven it like that!I drove thru the bars parking lot around 9.45 before i went to work I seen the guy who helped clean the bar outside in the parking lot he never stopped me and he could have,Dave was dying on the pool table and no one called 911 or me and the girl inside the bar with Dave worked for me she knew my number and were i lived!Dave was a member of the tavern league for that bar and I was under the understanding they gave you a ride home if you were impaired,I guess not seeing how Dave also got a DUI after leaving the bar a few years ago .He was 4 times over the limit they counted the shoots they gave him 26 they not only helped me out to his truck they put him in it and let him leave who does that crap? this bar is un touchable and I don't except you to help! But if a person did there home work they would see this bar is responsible for a lot more then my husbands death,and yes I did ask the coroner about the chances of my husband passing away at the bar and I was told it could have happened seeing how we lived that close and depending on how his body was he passed,But they were not looking for any of that at the time,I still would like to see the video tape of him leaving the bar,he left the bar and with in 2 hours he was dead how can you function i mean come on he packed up his truck he drove home without touching the pedals and went down 13 steps to a bathroom he dont use I dont think so and until I see proof of him leaving on his own I will continue you believe and tell people what i think he died in the bar he defecated on the futon that is why they tossed it out the day he died!
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 4 years ago.
Thank you for your additional information.

I am sorry to say that without confirmation of an autopsy report and witnesses that they caused his death as you suspect they did, you would have no case that could be won in court. In fact, the WI statute of limitations for you to file suit expires May 24, 2013, so you are about to lose your right to sue. The problem you are facing, which I do not know if it was explained to you by the 40 other attorneys you spoke with, is the autopsy report as the coroner determines cause of death and if the coroner cannot determine the cause was undetermined or that someone else was responsible for the death, when the defendant bar raises that report in court, the court has no choice but to throw out the case. Thus, the first step in this would have been to get an independent autopsy conducted if the coroner would not reconsider their findings and use the independent report to counter the coroner's report arguing that the death was caused by the bar and it was not merely alcohol.

However, as there has actually been no discovery that the death was wrongful and as the WI law does state that you can file suit outside of the statute of limitations if the tort or wrongful act was not discovered or not reasonably discovered within the statute of limitations, you could possibly argue to get the case filed out of the statute of limitations, but you first have to get the coroner to change their cause of death determination or get an independent coroner to examine the report and photographs to counter the coroner's official report before you can proceed any further.

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