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Does a hair sample test over ride a UA in court? If not, why

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Does a hair sample test over ride a UA in court? If not, why do they recommend you get one done if you get a false test?

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I need some clarification, if you do not mind.


1. May I assume that by "UA" you are referring to a urine analysis ?

2. If so, why would you want to dispute a urine analysis that came back negative for drug use ?

3. Please give me the reason why these tests are being done, i.e., the type of case this is, who ordered them, etc.

Thank you,


Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I am sorry. I meant the urine analysis came back positive and it came back positive for methamphetamines. My husband and I separated for about a 7-8 month period some time in 2011 and when I left he took it rather hard. After staying dry for over 12 yrs he fell off the wagon. He started drinking heavily and got 3 duis within a three month period. He has been on probation and working his program for 7 months now. He has been testing with probation and his program ever since his release. My husband does not use drugs and has no history of drug use.

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Hi, Dawn,


Thank you for your additional information and your kind patience. I researched the hair follicle test and I have to say that I respectfully XXXXX XXXXX your attorney and I think she is very wrong. The Negative follicle test report will not only not harm your husband's case, but the report which the expert will explain, will also reinforce the fact that he has not taken illegal drugs for an extended period of time.


Immunoassay of Hair which is the name the labs have given to the hair follicle test, is not only very accurate, but also reveals the time frame in which drugs, if any, were taken and the quantity of drugs taken. The basis of the accuracy of the hair follicle test is based on the physiological fact that illegal drugs travel through an individual's bloodstream and into the hair follicle where they remain in proportion to the amount taken. The illegal drugs do not diminish over time and the hair follicle test is the only test which is capable of revealing when the illegal drugs were used going back several months and up to one year after they were taken. In this manner, the hair follicle test cannot be evaded by a drug user and his or her past pattern of use can be established.


The forensic testing of hair follicles can accurately establish a past pattern of use, or non-use of illegal drugs over a certain period of time in direct correlation with hair growth.


The Judge will be the final arbiter, however, the worst that the hair follicle test results can do is to raise "reasonable doubt", and at best, XXXXX XXXXX will take the hair follicle test results as conclusive evidence of you husband's non-use of illegal drugs,





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