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if a police officer is writing you a trespass warning and you

Customer Question

if a police officer is writing you a trespass warning and you give that Officer your drivers license does that offer at the right to ask you what country you were born in our how much do you weigh are for your social security number I would love to know if that falls under discrimination
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Chris T., JD replied 4 years ago.

TexLawyer : Good evening. I'll be assisting you with your question.
TexLawyer : Simply asking the question about the country of origin does not itself prove discrimination. In order for you to make a discrimination case, you need to show that you were treated differently that other similarly situated people just based on your nationality.
TexLawyer : So, you would have to be able to show that someone not of your nationality (i.e., a person born in the US) would have not received a trespass warning.
TexLawyer : Do you have any questions?
TexLawyer : It appears as though you may be having difficulty viewing the chat. I will switch to a Q&A format, which usually resolves the problem.
Customer : that was not the question that I was asking maybe I phrased it wrong Ididn't want to prove that he gave me trespass warrant because nationality Iwanted to know if the question were appropriate I felt like I was violatedwhy did I have to tell him where I was born for him to write me a trespasswarrant Social Security number isn't that confidential I basically wantedto know if he violated my civil rights and can a store give you a trespasswarning if did not break any law with intent to arrest you if you shouldever come back there they cost of my name to be inthe police databasewhen Idid nothing wrong the job that I do I have to drive clients wherevertheywants to go want to go what would happen to me if I had to drop myclient at 711 is that legal all because he gave me my change in dollarbills which was 20 one dollar bill I asking for something bigger he told meI was not just going to walk up In the store and get what I want then callthe cops on me we're he in return gave me the trespass warning when I askthe 711 worker for is ID to report Him he turned it on the other sidethat I could not see his name don't I have any right what Can I too I feelso power less
TexLawyer : Simply asking the question is not a violation of your civil rights.
TexLawyer : Asking for a person's social security number and other identifying information is very common and, again, not a violation of your civil rights.
TexLawyer : As far as whether they can write you a trespass warning, if the store owner does not want you coming back, the normal procedure is to have the police write you a trespass warning, so then you are are notice that you are no longer allowed to go there.
TexLawyer : If yo go back, you risk being arrested for trespass since you are now on notice.
TexLawyer : Since you are now on notice at that 711, you cannot go on their property. If you have a customer that would like to be dropped off there, you will have to let them off at the street.
TexLawyer : A business has the right to serve whomever they want (or don't want, for that matter), so long as they are not refusing to serve you because of your race or nationality, you can't force them to do business with you.