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I just purchased a Gulfstream RV model Ultra 6254 from a dealer

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I just purchased a Gulfstream RV model Ultra 6254 from a dealer in Arizona. The dealer has been in business for more than 20 years. The dealer advertised the RV as a 2006 year model. The temporary registration I received from the dealer shows the RV as a 2006. However, the stickers in the vehicle show the that vehicle was manufactured by Ford in September 2004 and completed by Gulfstream as a motor home in December 2004. Further, a Carfax vehicle history report lists the vehicle based on VIN as a 2005. An NADA price report lists the average retail price of a 2006 Gulfstream RV Ultra 6254 as $40,731 and a 2005 Gulfstream RV Ultra 6254 as $33,313. That is a difference of $7,415. Do I have a cause of action against the dealer for something like false advertising? Could I demand a refund of $7,415 to satisfy the damages I have incurred?
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Yes, assuming that it is indeed a 2004 or 2005 rather than a 2006 then it is either fraud or at the least a misrepresentation. You can ask for a refund but there is no way, short of a lawsuit, to make them give it to you. You could file to rescind the contract, which means get your money back and give them the RV back, or to recover the difference in value between what you bought and what you thought you were buying plus attorney's fees and costs.
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