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Hello: I live in Virginia. I have a child, now in high school,

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I live in Virginia. I have a child, now in high school, who is active in sports and plays for the school's sports teams. Because of short stature, we started growth hormone treatment two years ago, under medical care and covered by medical plan. Norditropin. He has developed very well physically and is a decent height now. People are asking questions, because their children look like typical growing and developing teenagers and mine looks physically big and well developed.
I have not disclosed this to the school previously in freshman or sophomore year and my question is, do I have an obligation to disclose this in the medical forms that they require each year? If required to disclose, what are the ramifications of not having disclosed it before?
Dear JACUSTOMER - Unless your child was taking a banned substance then I see no "ramifications" from anyone. Obviously I do not have a copy of the school policies or handbook etc. so I have no way of knowing if there is some local rule against whatever it was your son was taking. Since it was under medical supervision I would assume the drugs were not illegal in any criminal sense so unless the school has some specific rule against the drugs then there should be no problem. As far as disclosure, if the question asks you to divulge any prescription medication and this is by prescription then you would be required to disclose it. The fact that it wasn't disclosed in the past my, in itself, be a violation of the rules even if the drug is not banned. So you need to carefully read the rules to see if there is anything that mentions this drug and whether you must disclose all prescription medication. If this is included in the rules there should also be something in the rules as to what the penalties may be for non disclosure. All of this is internal with respect to the school and its rules and would not fall under any state or Federal laws if the medication is legal and properly prescribed..
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