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I do cat and dog rescue. 3 weeks ago I contacted a woman named

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I do cat and dog rescue. 3 weeks ago I contacted a woman named Leslie who had emailed me to inform
Me of some cats that were about to be euthanized at a local shelter. I told her that I would take 2 of the cats: 1 orange kitten and 1 orange cat. She brought them to my house free of charge. I kept the kitten for myself and gave the Orange cat to a friend in GA because the cat was deathly ill and my friend thought she could save the animal (and she did). A week later, Leslie contact me and wanted proof of neutering for both animals. I told her the kitten was too young and that the cat went to a rescue in GA. She asked for the number of Lee/my rescue friend in Ga. She called Lee and told her that she had found an adopter for the cat and that she wanted the cat back. Lee told her no because the cat was too sick but Leslie would not take no for an answer and told lee “the cat was hers and she was arranging transport to get it back to her. Lee hung up the phone on her.
Fast forward 2 weeks. I got a call from a girlfriend named Janis who told me that she had met with Leslie regarding a unrelated cat situation and Leslie asked her if she could drive to Florida and get the cat for her. She also asked her that if Janis couldn’t, did she know of anyone who would drive to GA to get the cat for her. Leslie was unaware that Janis was a friend of mine and knew everything about the cat. She told Janis the cat was sick and that she wanted the cat back because the rescue that had her was a hoarder and a bad rescue. Janis said she knew of no one and couldn’t help her. Janis then contacted me and told me the whole story.
I contacted the shelter where Leslie pulled these 2 cats and spoke to Alan the Manager. I explained to him what had just happened and he told me that he wasn’t surprised to hear this and that Leslie HAD BEEN BANNED FROM A LOCAL VETERINARY CLINIC FOR STEALING SOME PUPPIES. He also told me that she had been banned from the animal shelter and could only come on the property if Leslie gave a week notice and dealt only with the Alan the Manager.
I informed some of my rescue friends of this situation via email and quoted what Alan had said to me.
The email was forwarded to some individual whom I do not know named Lindsay. Lindsay contacted me and told me that I had spread slander and that she got a written statement from Alan, the Animal Shelter Manager telling her that he did talk to me about the Veterinary Clinic, he did tell me that Leslie was banned from the clinic but that he gave me no further details (which is a complete lie…otherwise why would he have even mentioned the clinic to me at all!).
Now Lindsay has contacted me and told me to get a lawyer. Can I be held accountable for defamation/libel when the person I quoted changes ½ of his story. I suspect he did it because he fears getting sued for slander…or fears getting in trouble by his superiors.
Below is his email to Lindsay.
Alan the Shelter manager says to Lindsay via email, “That was her statement to me about Leslie and what she told me in our conversation. What she also explained is how she was scared to death of Leslie and how the rescue in Georgia filed a police report about Leslie. I explained how we had some history with Leslie and about the provisions she was under. I also explained how a local vet had a confrontation with her that involved Leslie being banned from that vet (I never went into details). She then asked for my help because she did not know what else to do. I told her that since she is a rescue that does business with us I would consult our County attorney.
I am very worried. I told the truth. I quoted Alan exactly but now hes changing his story. Lindsay is threatening to sue me for saying that Alan said these things when Alan is saying via email that he only said SOME of the things…
I am very worried. Lindsay has told me to get an Attorney. What should I do?

David C. Garner : Hello, are you there?
Customer: yes
David C. Garner : Ok, how are you?
Customer: eh...not so good...stressed out over this
David C. Garner : Ok... when you say what should you do, are you referring to the cat issue, or the slander issue?
Customer: the slander issue. This woman has told me to get an attourney. She said I told a lie when I quoted Alan exactly but he changed his mind..
David C. Garner : Ok, here is my advice. Do absolutely nothing. Bear down with all your might and ignore the entire situation. These people sound like nuts and I see no action here for slander. Even if there was, the will absolutely NOT pursue it as there is nothing to be gained by it.
Customer: alan, the manager said that he spoke with me...said that he told me about the vet and how Leslie had been banned but gave no further details. This is a lie...He told me that she had been banned for breaking into the building and trying to steal some puppies.
Customer: you think I have nothing to worry about? This woman has told me to get an attorney. I hate this. I told the truth but this guy Alan is afraid of getting into trouble
Customer: Leslie..the woman who did all of this is at I dont see how she'd come up with the money to get an attorney but you never know....
David C. Garner : So what. She is trying to scare you. One element that she would have to prove from this "slander" is damages. How was she damaged? That is why people don't sue for gossip. She is not going to invest thousands of dollars in filing a lawsuit over this. I cannot possibly see any reputable attorney touching this. You are, pardon the pun, safe as kittens.
David C. Garner : Igoner it and it will blow over.
David C. Garner : I mean ignore it and it will blow over.
Customer: you are so sweet to help me...I can go to bed tonight thanks to you.... I really cannot thank you enough!
David C. Garner : Don't worry. She is blustering.
David C. Garner : Sleep well.
Customer: David, your the BEST....Lord Bless you and thank you! Good night! :)
David C. Garner : Take care!!
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