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I have trespasser who is a relatilve. she moved in with a

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I have trespasser who is a relatilve. she moved in with a camping trailer, connected to electric, without my permission. did not ask if she could come, waited untill I was gone to do this.Have been trying to get her off the property. She is not connected to water or sewerage. Can I cut off the electricity to the trailer since I did not say it could be used. I am 76 years old, a widow, and since she broke into the house to get keys and what ever else. feel like I am in prison as I am afraid to leave the property becaose of what she might do.
Carol Pherigo, Stockton Md.

TexLawyer : Good evening. I'll be assisting you with your question.
TexLawyer : I'm very sorry for your tough situation, but hopefully I can give you some good ideas on how to proceed. How long ago did this person move on your property?
TexLawyer : Also, other than the attempt to get a restraining order, what other efforts have you made to remove this person?
Customer: She moved in Oct.21st, 2012 7 monthes ago. This is my 53 year old daughter. Wants property and money
TexLawyer : OK. Other than the restraining order, what else have you done to remove her?
Customer: Nothing, that was my first attempt,she has just started to harres me trying to get me to hit her or talk back in an inapproprat manner. I am not a good speller, use the spell correction. Have used the Law Library in the past, just don't know where to start
Customer: Nothing, it was the first try
TexLawyer : OK. I assume she is not paying rent or anything like that, correct?
Customer: No. Nothing has been paid for Elec.
TexLawyer : In that case, it should be fairly easy to remove her. First, you need to give her written notice that she is not allowed on her property and give a few days to leave. If she does not, call the police. Trespassing is a criminal offense in Maryland, like most states.
TexLawyer : Once you call the police, they will give her a chance to immediately leave. If she does not, they will arrest her. If she comes back, they will keep arresting her until understands that she's not welcome on your property.
Customer: The Judge told her to pack her stuff up and move somewhere else and to get a life. It was said after the deniel ' she moved bac in the same day and said she was not moving and she was going to get the Health dept. to say I live in a hazard condition. Do I send The police a copy of the letter?
TexLawyer : Yes, you should give her a copy and send a copy to the police department. You should first call the police department and ask who accepts trespass notices in the department and address it to that person or department.
Customer: Thank you. Will try that.
TexLawyer : Glad to help.
TexLawyer : Can I do anything else for you?
Customer: Not at this time.
TexLawyer : OK. If I've answered your question, please remember to "rate" my answer. Good luck!
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