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does a palintiff have to show up on the return date or the

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does a palintiff have to show up on the return date or the status date
What do you mean by "return" date? Has the court set a hearing on the case or ordered anyone into court?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I have a case against my former company and I have a return date set for May 20, 2013 which is this Monday I live in cook county in Illinois the return date on the summons I sent my company indicates May 20, 2013 and there is a status date set for June 10, 2013. I was just online with the Markham Courthouse which is where the case will be held and under the frequently asked questions it states that a plaintiff doesn't have to show up on the return date that it's the date the defendent has to file their written appearence by, but I was under the impression that the plaintiff which is me has to be in court on the return date.
Dear JACUSTOMER - If the return date is the date on which an answer or responsive pleading must be filed then you would have no reason to have to be in court on that date. A status hearing is different and generally requires a court appearance however many courts will hold status conferences by phone so you will need to check with the bailiff of the court where your case is being heard to see if the conference requires a personal appearance. Once the case is filed it is generally better to contact the bailiff of the individual court as to what the particular judge is requiring rather than relying on the clerk of courts. Each judge manages his or her own courtroom and there are different procedures by different judges as to appearance requirements. If no responsive pleading is filed by the date required then you may be in a position to file for a default judgment and there would be no status conference in June. The various rules of civil procedure are quite complicated so I can only offer general information from this website. In general, you never have to be in court unless there is a scheduled hearing or a court order to appear. It is always best to contact the court bailiff prior to any date where there may be an appearance required and simply ask if you have to be there. I certainly don't want to tell you not to go to court if an appearance is required and since I have no way of reviewing the case file it is impossible to be certain as to exactly what the various dates represent.
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