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I have had now a 4th collection company call me on a supposed

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I have had now a 4th collection company call me on a supposed 3 year old debt of which I have no idea for what it might be. The company they say it is from is out of business and appears to have sold to another company. I assume they bought the debts in the purchase and that is why I am in this silly loop. I have asked repeatedly if they can show me anything to validate the debt, I will gladly pay, but all they send me is their (collections company) internal document with nothing showing I have a debt. It really is not the money (only $75) but I refuse to pay something that I have no idea what it is and no one can provide any back up showing me. I have reached out to the new ownership of the company and they do not have anything to verify the debt either.

Not huge ordeal as most of the collections companies disappear after my request, but every 2-3 months I start getting calls from another. It hasn't shown up on my credit report, but don't want it to either as it is spotless.

Dear JACUSTOMER - It is highly unlikely that anyone would file a suit for $75 and Florida has a 4 year statute of limitations so if this continues much longer you will have nothing to worry about. Obviously they do not have anything to prove the debt and if they refuse to validate the debt you would have a good reason to contest any report to the credit bureau if that should occur. Obviously you cannot prevent them from reporting this but I would agree that you should not send any payment if there is nothing to validate the accuracy of the debt. You can continue to request the information and I would keep copies of all requests so that if this ever does get to the credit bureau you will have proof that you requested the validation.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Okay, but should I send something formal to the new ownership of the company? They showed the debt on their books, but have nothing to show me other than an accounting entry. I want to cut it off at the source if possible.

Thank you.
Sure, you can send them a letter of dispute and state that you do not recognize the debt and that you would need proof of the debt or validation of the debt before you will consider any payment.