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I mshipped two rifles from agunshop in Va. to a gunshop in

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I mshipped two rifles from agunshop in Va. to a gunshop in fla.Sometime ago the person who was to receive the guns was subject to a restraining order which prevented the delivery of one of the rifles. I would like this gun returned to me. I will pay the shipping costs. The rifle is appraised at $6000. I need the money to give to my brothers" widow. To date the gun dealer will not return the rifle or give me any information as to his reasons for keepiny my rifle. What do you recommend?
Hello. My name isXXXXX am a Florida licensed attorney and I will be happy to answer your question.

How long ago did you ship these rifles?

Why and on what basis was this rifle being shipped to the person in Florida?

Did the recipient of these rifles paid for them or has any knowledge of what transpired in the gun shop and the gun shop owners position?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
About two months He wanted to purchase a very rare rifle which was my granfathers gun,given to my brther at his death and came to me following my brothers death. The receipt has paid for the one rifle he received. he could not receive the rifle in question because of a restraining order

Did you ship this rifle to Florida, before the person receiving it had paid you for it?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes! He is a lifelong friend

Thank you for your follow up.

It is very essential to find out the reason why the gun dealer in Florida is refusing to ship the rifle back to you and also this gun dealer's position in this matter.

Have you asked your lifelong friend to go back to the gun shop to speak to the owner and to see what the owner wants to do in order to resolve this situation, as the gun dealer cannot simply keep this expensive rare rifle?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
My friend's son was to receive the guns and he went to pich them up. all i know is the dealer was unable according to law to deliver one gun.a 1903 Savage, Octagnol barrel gun. The dealer will not giveeither of us any info. asto why he is keeping one and will not ship them back to the va. gun dealer. I will try to get more specific info. if needed.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
What do you suggest?

Thank you for your follow up.

The gun dealer cannot legally keep the rifle, as such would constitute an unjust enrichment and possible conversion / theft by this gun dealer.

It would be a good idea to start by contacting a local Florida attorney who can review this matter and send a demand letter to the gun dealer to ship this rifle back to the sender / you and if the dealer fails to do that, then the same attorney can file a lawsuit in the local court and sue the dealer for the return of this rifle, plus any court costs and attorney's fees.

You can find an experienced local Florida attorney by using these well trusted and reliable attorney information / referral websites:

I wish you the best of luck!
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